Who owns you?

I recently asked a couple questions of a group of my friends that are helping figure this mess out.  Here is a question and answer that I thought you would be interested in.

How can it benefit a free person to tell his employees (the government) how much capital he was able to produce during the proceeding year?
It doesn’t. By definition, a slaveowner claims rights to the produce of any slave he owns.  The government claims rights to your wages. That makes you a slave, not a free person.  The government is no more your employee than any other criminal is the employee of his victim, or the slaveholder the employee of his slave.  Getting your resources from someone else, particularly when the source does it, not in return for your goods or services, but instead under threat of punishment, doesn’t make you an employee of the source – it makes you a criminal and the source a victim.   An employee can be fired.  A criminal who is victimizing you cannot.

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