PRESENTING: MINUTES TO MEMORIES, reconnecting body mind and spirit

I am honored to present to you the first talk radio show that I am looking forward to listening to.  That’s because


6 pm every Friday from now until they run me off, I will be on internet radio

Most gracious thanks goes out to my new producer Mr. Todd Sheets, what a cool dude.  He will be there with me to make sure everything sounds great.

My first show is this Friday at 6 pm CDT.  I am going to explain the theme of the show, tell my story, and review potential topics for future discussions.

I am lining up a fine list of guest speakers and like this blog I will ask the difficult questions and expect responses.

I invite you to join me, with your phone or computer, at

Tuileries Concert Series

 Tuileries Plaza is hosting a free Summer Concert Series every Thursday for the Summer 2008 Season!

TODAY, June 26, Thursday, HotHouse will be performing!

HotHouse is known as Kansas City’s premiere variety dance band. Since they started in 1989, HotHouse has been a popular favorite amongst locals. They pride themselves on having “Kansas City’s #1 Diva,” Debra Cordero.

The concert is Thursday, June 26 at 7:00 PM in the Tuileries Courtyard. So come down with your blanket and chair, enjoy the summer evening, and dance the night away…

Don’t forget, there are many upcoming concerts. Here’s what’s coming up next:

July 3: New Kansas City Seven-Kerry Strayer
July 10: Neon Blue
July 17: Project Chameleon
July 24: Maximus
July 31: Private Stock
Aug. 7: Ida Mc Beth

For more information on any of these concerts, please visit