misleading marketing with good intentions

What happens to your statistics when you count someone as cured, that never really had the disease in the first place?

There is a claim going around that breast cancer can be cured 95% of the time if caught early enough.  But, when is it too early?  When does the application of dangerous and damaging treatment for a suspicion of a possible cancer become a greater risk to life and limb for women who’s test results were false positives, or would have stabilized on their own?

This is a tough question. One that each individual should be empowered to make on their own.  The following article is a good discussion on the misleading claims of the Komen Foundation about the benefits of mammograms.  I look forward to our discussion on this sensitive issue.

Komen Misled on Mammogram Benefits

Doctor – Patient – Confidentiality

When I graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College and earned my Doctorate Degree, one of the things I had learned was the importance of keeping everything the patient told me completely confidential.
(Confidential – to be kept private, not shared, not discussed with anyone else, not revealed without direct instruction from the patient.)

I still take that responsibility very seriously.  Nothing you say to me during a treatment session will ever be repeated outside that door, without your direct instructions.

But over the past 20 years, I have seen a loss of expectation for privacy in our health records.

Now, the intimate details of our lives, illnesses, sufferings, and frailties are connected with our financial records and distributed across the globe. To potential employers, future spouse, colleges, ex-wives, police, lawyers, salesmen, anyone interested in us.

Call me old fashioned, but I will not participate in this attack on your privacy.  If you trust me as your doctor, I will keep records in a hand written format.  Everything stays confidential and between you and me.  Nothing leaves my files except directly to you.  (or your next of kin)

So if you have a bad back, but don’t want your employer to know.  Get in here.

If you need a safe ear to share your troubles, I promise to keep it confidential.  (Unless you tell me your an axe murderer)

If something is going on with your kid, and you are afraid it might affect his chances for a scholarship, I can help.

There are so many situations the details of your health condition should be private, I am an oasis of privacy.

Let me help

Call the clinic at 816-436-9355 and set up a confidential appointment right now.

PRESENTING: MINUTES TO MEMORIES, reconnecting body mind and spirit

I am honored to present to you the first talk radio show that I am looking forward to listening to.  That’s because


6 pm every Friday from now until they run me off, I will be on internet radio www.jackaloperadio.com

Most gracious thanks goes out to my new producer Mr. Todd Sheets, what a cool dude.  He will be there with me to make sure everything sounds great.

My first show is this Friday at 6 pm CDT.  I am going to explain the theme of the show, tell my story, and review potential topics for future discussions.

I am lining up a fine list of guest speakers and like this blog I will ask the difficult questions and expect responses.

I invite you to join me, with your phone or computer, at http://www.jackaloperadio.com

Healthy living and Acupuncture Seminars!

It is finally official!

My 64 hour seminar series will kick of in a couple of weeks!

April 10-11,`2010

Explanation of Qi – what is it, why is it important.
Living in the post Google world
24 hour cycle of energy
Sleep Disorders
Asthma, upper respiratory issues.
Lung Meridian System and points

Ah Shi and circle the dragon acupressure
Fluoride – recent fact and myths
Detoxification programs
Large Intestine meridian system and points
Label reading and shopping tips

These classes are approved for Continued Education for Chiropractors, Nurses, and Massage Therapists. But are designed for anyone interested in taking control of their own health care needs.  You will walk away with a head full of new and interesting information no matter what level you are at now!

Continued Education certification is $80.00 per day. (pre-registered)
Non-certificate audit attendance is $50.00 per day. (pre-registered)

$20.00 at the door charge for non-registered attendance.  Space is limited so let me know if you plan to attend ASAP.

The entire course is 64 hours of class room with a certification test and diploma. ( 20% discount if prepaid ) Graduates will be invited to participate in all future seminars and business relationships to duplicate and spread this knowledge far and wide.

Dates for the first round of the seminar series include:

April 10-11, 2010

May 15-16, 2010

June 5-6, 2010

July 10-11, 2010

Second series dates:

August 14-15, 2010

September 11-12, 2010

October 9-10, 2010

November 6-7, 2010

Dress comfortable because there will be exercise training, think about bringing a partner to train with.

WARNING:  These are not “BUTT” hours, and all you doctors out there know what I’m talking about.  Plan to participate or please get your hours somewhere else.

Mammograms cause cancer

Everyone knows radiation causes cancer. 

Most everyone knows that the breast tissue is some of the most sensitive tissue to radiation damage in the body.

Ionizing radiation causes double and multiple strand breaks in DNA and is accepted as a primary cause of cancer. Since the 1970s, the gold standard for breast cancer detection, in the Western world, has been screening mammography.

2004 Radiation Research
The Neoplastic Transformation Potential of Mammography X-Rays
To help resolve the controversy regarding the risk of mammography breast screening, a study was carried out with a grant to the University of Birmingham, UK.  A comparison was made using an actual low-dose mammogram X-ray machine and a standard high-dose X-ray (chest X-ray). Results suggested that the risks (of developing cancer) associated with mammogram screening may be approximately five times higher than previously assumed (which was 1%), making the estimated increased risk of 5% for each exposure. The authors suggested that the risk-benefit relationship of mammography exposure clearly needs to be re-evaluated.


Enter thermal imaging:

The above image is an infrared image of a developing breast tumor appoximately 2-3 years before a mammogram could pick it up.

Thermal imaging is a technology that has been available for 30 years but is actively suppressed by General Electric because it competes with the very profitable mammogram machines.  It is completely passive, no squashing, no radiation, no potential harm what so ever!

I have waited for 12 years for someone else to figure this out and have finally concluded that this is not going to happen in the medical community without a little push.  So, I am negotiating the purchase of a thermal imaging machine to be placed in my clinic.  Very shortly I will be able to begin screenings for many disease processes that show up as cellular inflammation years before a physical tumor will be detectable.  For example, diabetic avascular necrosis, skin cancer, varicose viens, heart disease, arthritis, etc.  All without radiation exposure!!

A breast thermogram will be a 5 view panel for $175.00, (about half what a mammogram costs)  Area exams for nerve damage or strains will be $50.00 per image needed to properly view the problem.  Please contact me to schedule your exams.  (The camera costs well over $30K)

At this time this is not covered by insurance, but with your help I beleive we can get that changed shortly.  The early detection capabilities of this technology will reduce the costs of health care tremendously within a very short time.


Birth Plan

Please copy this into your own document, print several copies and take them with you to the hospital.  This is very complete so if there are issues here that do not suite your desires, please feel free to modify this in any way before printing.


We are both very excited about the upcoming birth of our child, and have been preparing ourselves extensively in order to stay healthy, low risk and educated throughout this pregnancy.  Because this is such a special and significant event in our lives, we have some preferences that may be different from your standard routine.  As we discussed in consultation with our doctors, we expect to rely on the normal physiological process of labor and delivery without the use of medications or unnecessary interventions.  We do recognize that if a clear problem does arise, we may need to modify our requests and cooperatively confer with our doctors whose judgement we respect and trust.  In the event of some unforeseen complication, we would appreciate a detailed explanation in order to have a clear understanding of the problem, possible outcomes as well as our choices.  We sincerely appreciate your support and encouragement with regards to our requests.


1.   Freedom of movement to walk around and labor in any position.
2.  No offer of medication during labor, words of encouragement gladly accepted.
3.   Minimum use of electronic fetal monitoring.
4.   Allow for normal spontaneous labor without the rupturing or stripping of membranes.
5.   Limited vaginal exams (at initial arrival and once prior to pushing)
6.   Allow mother to drink fluids orally instead of an I.V. drip, but have a saline lock in place.
7.   Mother and father are to be allowed to remain together at all times.
8.   Besides our doctors we would like to limit people in birthing room to the husband (________), Mother’s mom (____________l) and friend (____________).


1.   Freedom to change positions during second stage delivery.
2.   Upon reaching 10 cm, we ask that there be no “time limit” on pushing, but that we are allowed to follow the natural urge to push until baby is born.
3.   Spontaneous delivery of baby without traction, forceps or vacuum extraction.
4.  Allow father to participate as much as possible. (i.e. catch baby)
5.  If not too much time lapse, then let shoulders deliver with next contraction
6.  No routine episiotomy: allow for perennial massage and warm compresses with direction from the doctor for a slow delivery of baby’s head with counterpressure to allow stretching of perineum and prevent tearing.


1.   To hold and breastfeed baby immediately after delivery.
2.   Allow umbilical cord to stop pulsating before clamping and cutting.
3.   Suction of baby only if necessary.
4.   Assist father in cutting the umbilical cord.
5.   Spontaneous separation and delivery of placenta without time limits.


1.  No eye drops, vitamin K, Hepatitis B shots or any other non-lifesaving procedures to be performed without written parental consent.
2.  Provide newborn care in the presence of parents.
3.  Baby allowed to breastfeed on demand.  No pacifiers, formula or sugar water.
4.  24-hour rooming-in to begin as soon as possible.  We will not need the nursery.
5.  If male child, NO circumcision.

We have discussed these requests and agree that each of us will do our part to facilitate a natural and healthy birth.  Thank you again for your support and encouragement.