I am proud to be accepted as a Guardian

I have been working with an exciting group of informed individuals that are determined to restore constitutional law and order to the world.  This organization is called Coppercards. In coming posts I will be highlighting some of the incredible ideas and products that members will have access to.

Here is a breif introduction to this revolutionary  program:

Introduction To CopperCards


For many years now, those who have been paying attention, know that our Government and the leaders in our Government have been blatantly breaking the law of the land at all levels, in direct violation of their oaths of office.


Corruption is rampant and is at the point where these criminals are putting it right in our faces.  Our government is utterly out of control.  We need to act.


Considering the current situation in our Country, the Freedom Movement has grown rapidly in the last few years due to several reasons:

  1. The incredible capabilities of the Internet to provide vast amounts of information and communication that is easily and quickly accessible.
  2. Video documentaries such as “America: Freedom to Fascism”; “Fiat Empire”; “Terror Storm”; all the 911 videos; “EndGame”; G. Edward Griffin’s interview of Norman Dodd; the “Energy Non-Crisis” and many others.
  3. Ron Paul’s campaign for President.

Most people in the movement realize that we are in a severe Constitutional Crisis.  All levels of our governments are willfully disregarding our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Declaration of Independence.  Those in the movement know the facts about the Federal Reserve, Income Tax, Illegal Immigration, unlawful wars, violations of capstone tenets such as laws like Habeas Corpus, and the list goes on and on.  Due to our current Economic Crisis, those NOT in the know, are starting to ask serious questions.  They are ripe to learn and spread this knowledge, but we must go further.


It is time for a massive paradigm shift.  We have only been focusing on the problems and it’s time that we focus our energies on the solution.  The solution will not come through our elected politicians or through elections.  Sign waving and marches will not bring forth the solution.  The only way to resolve this Crisis in this country and worldwide is by “WE THE PEOPLE” and we will accomplish this through CopperCards.


CopperCards focuses on two primary goals:

  1. Providing Members with Tools to Enforce the Law

  2. Creating Communities That Stand Together to Enforce the Law.

We are focusing on fixing the U.S. by returning governance by the people and for the people at the County level.  It is relatively easy for an organized group of 100 to 500 individuals to focus on local public officials who do not obey their oaths of office.  We can easily do this; we can easily clean up our own Counties if we stand together.  Forget about Washington DC or and our State Capitals.  We must focus on our local judges, District Attorneys, Sheriffs, and other local officials.

CopperCards teaches our members how to utilize the law provided by the Constitution & Common Law.  Everything we do at CopperCards is in strict conformity with the law embodied in the Constitution & Common Law.

Our main products are called CopperCards.  CopperCards are simple sets of instructions placed on a small card to assist the member who finds themselves in various situations dealing with law enforcement, the courts, and our Governments officials.

For example, we will have cards that deal with:

  • Traffic tickets
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Tax Law
  • Real Estate & Land Title
  • Holding Government Officials Accountable
  • Recovery Lawsuits
  • Commercial Law
  • Health

These Cards are designed so that the average person can easily understand them.  Many other Cards will be developed as new issues arise.  And all our products will be continuously updated as our knowledge and success increases and to keep government in check.

In addition to the cards we provide a corresponding booklet that explains the issues and instructions on how to use the card.  We also provide boilerplate pleadings our members can utilize for court.

CopperCards creates local communities of up to 500 members.  Each community has a Guardian who is the point person for that community.  CopperCards Guardians are paid for their work, they are responsible for taking care of our members, providing educational seminars and group gatherings to create a cohesive community of people committed to each other and to enforce the law. 

Additional services we are developing for our members are our CopperCards Courts, where members and corporations can bring their problems for fair adjudication, without corrupt judges or systems that refuse to recognize the law.  The CopperCards Court will strictly follow the Constitution and Common Law.  However, we replace the concept of a trial by judge with non-binding mediation, and if that fails, trial by jury only.  The CopperCards Courts will utilize technology to make it easy for the parties and jurors to process the case.  Parties to the case submit their cases digitally into the system, so jurors are able to evaluate the arguments and deliberate in their own time.  Jurors don’t have to give up work time to take part and the CopperCards Court will also offer expert-juror options.

Perhaps one of the most critical services CopperCards is developing for members is the CopperCards Banking system.  Developed by InfoTelesys, the CopperCards Bank can transparently set aside the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and the problems the owners of the Fed caused the nation and world.  CopperCards Bank utilizes an interest-free and transaction-free currency called “Coppers”.  Coppers are 100% asset backed.  Unlike the Fed, the CopperCards Bank does not make money out of nothing and sell it back to the public plus interest.  Better still, the CopperCards Bank provides a trading infrastructure that will significantly boost the economy and allow people to instantly convert any type of asset into cash.  CopperCards Bank is a truly revolutionary system and process that can change the world.

A 119 service similar to 911 will be provided by CopperCards.  The 119 service alerts members to emergencies, including when a member is being assaulted by the government, bringing members to the aid of the caller.  The police tend to quickly behave when they are being video taped.  When the police know they will be prosecuted for breaking the law they quickly depart.  The CopperCards 119 service will provide significant relief for members who are facing the CPS, unlawful evictions, sheriffs, traffic stops and other emergencies.

CopperCards takes a strong non-violent stance and strict conformance to the Law embodied in the Constitution and Common Law.

Other services to be included that are now under development are Towing and discounted Bail Bonds.   In-Custody services for those incarcerated will be available for a nominal fee.  Many other services are being developed and will be made available down the road as our communities develop and the needs of the communities are further defined.

To close, we stand at the most crucial time in the history of mankind and we all have the most important decision to make in our lives.  Will we choose liberty or slavery?  It’s up to us individually to make that choice, just as the Founders of our Nation did.  We can either choose to continue down this dark road of tyranny, slavery and involuntary servitude, or we can join a CopperCards community, enforce the law and usher in the 2nd Renaissance.  And to quote from that soon to be famous speech by an unknown author titled, “A Hopi Elder Speaks”…“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!”

Here is a link to the membership application.  No one will call you accept me 🙂


Please put my name in both the Name of Coppercards Guardian and Name of Organization or Individual who referenced you to CopperCards.

If you do not live near me, I will find your closest guardian for your to work with.  If you are interested in becoming a guardian please contact me.