Please take a moment to talk to someone about Missouri Prop C today

Below is the new law in it’s entirety.  I would really appreciate any comments or concerns about this.  I have read it many times and really like what it says.  It basically insures that we can work together to keep your medical records out of the reach of the government.

Why does the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) need to know my BMI (Basic Metabolic Index)(how fat I am)?

On August 3, 2010 Please vote YES on Missouri prop C, and when you talk to your friends and neighbors ask them to support us.

Also, let them know about me.  Many of them are being mistreated by the medical system for things I can quickly fix.  I will waive the initial exam fee of $40.00 for them in your honor.

Here is prop C:

Back to Missouri Health Care Freedom Amendment, Proposition C (2010)

Proposition C will appear on the August 3, 2010 statewide ballot in Missouri. If approved by voters the measure would repeal Section A. Section 375.1175, RSMo, and enact two new sections to be known as sections 1.330 and 375.1175. The new sections would read as follows:[1]

1.330. 1. No law or rule shall compel, directly or indirectly, any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in any health care system.
2. A person or employer may pay directly for lawful health care services and shall not be required by law or rule to pay penalties or fines for paying directly for lawful health care services. A health care provider may accept direct payment for lawful health care services and shall not be required by law or rule to pay penalties or fines for accepting direct payment from a person or employer for lawful health care services.
3. Subject to reasonable and necessary rules that do not substantially limit a person’s options, the purchase or sale of health insurance in private health care systems shall not be prohibited by law or rule.
4. This section does not:
(1) Affect which health care services a health care provider or hospital is required to perform or provide;
(2) Affect which health care services are permitted by law;
(3) Prohibit care provided under workers’ compensation as provided under state law;
(4) Affect laws or regulations in effect as of January 1, 2010;
(5) Affect the terms or conditions of any health care system to the extent that those terms and conditions do not have the effect of punishing a person or employer for paying directly for lawful health care services or a health care provider or hospital for accepting direct payment from a person or employer for lawful health care services.
5. As used in this section, the following terms shall mean:
(1) “Compel”, any penalties or fines;
(2) “Direct payment or pay directly”, payment for lawful health care services without a public or private third party, not including an employer, paying for any portion of the service;
(3) “Health care system”, any public or private entity whose function or purpose is the management of, processing of, enrollment of individuals for or payment for, in full or in part, health care services or health care data or health care information for its participants;
(4) “Lawful health care services”, any health-related service or treatment to the extent that the service or treatment is permitted or not prohibited by law or regulation that may be provided by persons or businesses otherwise permitted to offer such services; and
(5) “Penalties or fines”, any civil or criminal penalty or fine, tax, salary or wage withholding or surcharge or any named fee with a similar effect established by law or rule by a government established, created or controlled agency that is used to punish or discourage the exercise of rights protected under this section.
375.1175. 1. The director may petition the court for an order directing him to liquidate a domestic insurer or an alien insurer domiciled in this state on the basis:
(1) Of any ground for an order of rehabilitation as specified in section 375.1165, whether or not there has been a prior order directing the rehabilitation of the insurer;
(2) That the insurer is insolvent;
(3) That the insurer is in such condition that the further transaction of business would be hazardous, financially or otherwise, to its policyholders, its creditors or the public;
(4) That the insurer is found to be in such condition after examination that it could not meet the requirements for incorporation and authorization specified in the law under which it was incorporated or is doing business; or
(5) That the insurer has ceased to transact the business of insurance for a period of one year.
2. Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, a domestic insurer organized as a stock insurance company may voluntarily dissolve and liquidate as a corporation under sections 351.462 to 351.482, provided that:
(1) The director, in his or her sole discretion, approves the articles of dissolution prior to filing such articles with the secretary of state. In determining whether to approve or disapprove the articles of dissolution, the director shall consider, among other factors, whether:
(a) The insurer’s annual financial statements filed with the director show no written insurance premiums for five years; and
(b) The insurer has demonstrated that all policyholder claims have been satisfied or have been transferred to another insurer in a transaction approved by the director; and
(c) An examination of the insurer pursuant to sections 374.202 to 374.207 has been completed within the last five years; and
(2) The domestic insurer files with the secretary of state a copy of the director’s approval, certified by the director, along with articles of dissolution as provided in section 351.462 or 351.468.

Joe Stack Was Not A Tea Party Member

News That Joe Stack Was Not A Tea Party Member Disappoints Obamanoids

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, February 19, 2010

Even before many of the details were confirmed surrounding yesterday’s tragic events in Austin, political operatives were callously exploiting the incident to advance their agenda in demonizing opponents of big government as terrorists who crash planes into buildings – unfortunately for them it has since emerged that Joe Stack was not a “fringe extremist” and he was not a member of any Tea Party organization.

Time Magazine instantly labeled Stack a domestic terrorist and openly implied links to the Tea Party by including a red link to an article about the Tea Party movement in the middle of their story about the Austin plane crash.

A Washington Post editorial compared Stack with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and claimed, “His alienation is similar to that we’re hearing from the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement.”

This is of course a ludicrous aspersion to make. Polls show that at least 66 per cent of the entire country are angry with the federal government – that doesn’t mean that 200 million Americans are going to slam planes into buildings or indeed do anything violent. Tea Party protests have been noted for their peaceable nature – not so much of a window has been broken.

New York Magazine jumped on the bandwagon, writing that Stack’s rhetoric “could have been taken directly from a handwritten sign at a tea party rally,” again overwhelmingly implying that anti-tax groups and small government advocates should be silenced because they are dangerous extremists.

But by far the most belligerent reaction came from the Obamanoid blog websites, places like the Daily Kos which carried a post entitled, “Teabagger terrorist attack on IRS building.”

“After months of threats on the United States government, and government institutions, the Anti-Government forces known as the teabaggers have struck with their first 911 (sic) inspired terrorist attack,” read the post.

Of course, blaming random acts of violence on the liberty movement has become par for the course for those who wish to crush the free speech of their political adversaries. The University of Alabama-Huntsville murders were also blamed on the Tea Party movement until it turned out that the killer was an Obama-worshipper.

Unfortunately for those who like to exploit tragedies to further their own anti-free speech talking points, it turns out that Stack was not a “teabagger,” he was not a “terrorist,” and he was no Timothy McVeigh, he was a guy pushed to the edge, a sad figure in the mould of Michael Douglas’ character in the movie Falling Down.

Austin Tea Party director Greg Holloway told Newsmax that Stack was not a member of the Austin Tea Party.

“His name does not appear on any of their contact lists, Holloway says. He does not know of any tea party leader who ever met him,” writes David A. Patten.

Asked his reaction to media reports linking the tea party movement to the tragedy, Holloway told Newsmax, “I think it’s just the whole notion of a few people in politics, and I’ll include some of the media, that everything is about political process rather than about people. Here you’ve got a terrible tragedy involving so many people, and the first thought is: ‘How do I use this to forward my own agenda and to try to attack someone else’s?’

National tea party leader Everett Wilkinson also poured cold water on any links to Tea Party groups. “As far as I know, Joseph Andrew Stack was not a member of the tea party movement,” he said. “The movement is not involved in protesting the IRS, but rather government spending. Our best wishes go out to the families and people involved.”

In addition, despite efforts to portray Stack as a political extremist, friends told CBS News that Stack “talked politics like everyone but didn’t show any obsession.”

People who knew Stack said he was an easy going guy, a view backed by Infowars producer Rob Dew, who knew Stack from the Austin music scene and said he was a reserved, soft-spoken, well-dressed man. Dew expressed his shock that Stack could have been capable of flying a plane into a building.

The picture that emerges from all this is not of a violent terrorist hell-bent on destruction to further his paranoid political agenda, as many in the media have attempted to portray, but a man driven to the edge of sanity as a result of his personal disputes with the IRS.

That didn’t stop controlled shill Glenn Beck comparing Stack to Osama Bin Laden and fitting him in to his fairytale delusion about terrorists being within Obama’s inner circle ready to kill the President. Beck even threw the people he claims to represent – Tea Party members – under the bus by saying Stack could be a “radical constitutionalist,” which is how a lot of Tea Party members would describe themselves.

To characterize yesterday’s tragedy as a deadly portend of the “domestic terror” waiting to be unleashed on U.S. cities by disgruntled Americans is not only completely irresponsible, it’s a revelatory insight into how desperate the establishment is – both fake left and right – to neutralize growing peaceful political opposition to the big government agenda across the country.

Great News from the Fairtax movement!

Dear Fred, Michael Reagan

I have some very, very exciting news to share with you.

Michael Reagan, the eldest son of former President Ronald Reagan, has just agreed to act as the Honorary Chairman of the FairTax National Victory Campaign!

I wanted to tell you first.

Mike believes, and we agree, that if the FairTax had existed during his father’s time, President Reagan would have been a strong proponent.

It’s not a hard conclusion to reach given that his father said this: “Our federal tax system is, in short, utterly impossible, utterly unjust and completely counterproductive, it reeks with injustice and is fundamentally un-American… it has earned a rebellion and it’s time we rebelled…”

Mike has now agreed to help us get the second American tax revolt moving into high gear. That means a lot of Congressional communications, media work, radio, telephone recordings and television. It means a broader base of supporters behind the beloved legacy of Ronald Reagan, one of our greatest Presidents.

We have needed a strong public “face” and voice for the FairTax and it is hard to imagine a better champion for our needed cause.

I’ve written you before that this will become the “Year of the FairTax” and this is a big step forward toward that goal.

Please help me welcome the newest leader to our work and a fine person.

I’ll have more news about our campaign progress soon and other “inside” details of the work.

Thanks for everything you do and for your steady support. You are the heart of our campaign.


P.S. Please don’t forget to add your name to our petition to Charlie Rangel and the Ways and Means Committee. Click here to add your voice to our demand for a fair and balanced hearing on a fair and balanced tax system.

Help us find Sherry Jackson!


Sherry Peel Jackson has been moved again and she has not been heard from for over two weeks. She disappeared one week before Christmas and her parents nor her husband and two beautiful children have heard from her.
She is the ex-IRS agent in Aaron Russo’s video America ~ Freedom to Fascism

( a must see film which every living man, woman and child must see. Aaron Russo gave his life to produce this documentary. Sherry, a CPA, Certified Fraud Investigator, received a 4-year sentence for telling Americans the truth, although she broke no law.

Please ask everyone to send her an encouraging note so that she knows she is not alone or forgotten. Let her know that this country is aware that she has been moved, thousands are still watching her situation closely and praying for her release. Anyone who has been in her situation cannot imagine how much good is accomplished by countless cards and letters. It does much more than just lift her spirits, which in itself is huge. It also lets the system know that she is well-known and many are watching closely to see that she is treated properly while in her federal cage, with two long years to go!
Here is her new address. Her loving husband believes she has been moved again since she has been missing for over two weeks and no one has heard a word from her. Diesel Therapy?
Sherry Peel Jackson
We believe this is her new location: SHERRY P JACKSON 59085-019 47-Black-F 08-08-2011 TALLAHASSEE FCI

Now start sending those cards and letters please!
Please take the time to see what this beautiful lady stands for and the sacrifice she, her children and her husband are paying for your family.
Sherry Peel Jackson Ex IRS Agent on Income Tax (2of2)

Sherry Peel Jackson – Breaking The Invisible Shackles Of The IRS

Sherry Peel Jackson ~ Getting Destroyed in Prison

Did You Know That You Are A Slave?

Please take Action; do what is right!

Please pass this along to as many people as you can and do it quickly!

This must spread across the nation this week! Thank you…

July 12 is the 100 year anniversary of the 16th amendment, that’s long enough

As an American, I am so proud of you for your role in organizing, leading, and
focusing other Americans on the all-too-real problems we, as a nation, face.

Tomorrow, July 12th, is the 100th anniversary of the Congressional resolution that
proposed the Income Tax (16th) Amendment.

A year later, the world's bankers met on Jekyll Island, Georgia to plan the Federal
Reserve Bank.

 It took three more years before an out-going Secretary of State proclaimed, some
say illegally, that the Income Tax Amendment had been ratified by the States.

 Within months, the Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act and abdicated its power
to coin money.

 The Income Tax Amendment and the Federal Reserve Act are closely intertwined and,
to this day, serve powerful interests to strangle the liberty of the people.

 With so much renewed interest in the Constitution and the basic unalienable rights
of the people, we believe that the time is right to end this scourge that has
increasingly suppressed our liberties for nearly one hundred years.

 Repeal Income Tax is executing a four-year plan to repeal the income tax. It is our
only issue, but it touches on so many other issues -- Cap and Trade, Health Care,
Bailouts, Stimulus, all depend on the ability of Congress to manipulate the people
through the income tax.

 I ask you not only to help us spread awareness of these historical facts, but of
our movement -- the July 12th Movement -- to repeal the income tax.

 Our goal is not a theory. It's not even a new idea. The people forced the repeal of
Prohibition when they got angry enough. We are following that same path.

 Perhaps nowhere else is our loss of liberty more profound than in the moral
authority of our churches and synagogues which operate under the tyranny of the
Internal Revenue Code. The decline of religious freedoms in the public square
tracks closely with the rise of the power of the Internal Revenue Service to
interfere with the traditional activism that sprang from America's churches. The
traditional freedom from taxation that churches enjoyed since our founding has been
replaced with a privilege that is only granted in exchange for their silence.

 So, tomorrow, and on every day of worship from now until the Income Tax is
repealed, we ask that you make a bold and poignant statement.

 Encourage your religious leaders to observe one minute of silent prayer or
reflection during regular religious services to underscore the loss of religious
freedom and our unalienable rights. As the movement grows, the silence will surely
become deafening.

 Please encourage all your fellow activists, family, and friends to join us in this
crusade and sign the Declaration to Repeal the Income Tax.

 Why a Declaration and not a Petition? Why didn't our Founders sign a Petition to
King George? Because the people are not the servants of their government. Because
the power to govern lies with the people, not with government.

 It will only be through the power of numbers in every village and town and city
around the country that we will achieve this goal.

 God Bless America,

 John Hanson

 Repeal Income Tax
 July 12th Movement