Missouri immunization exemption forms

It looks like they have changed the statute somewhat and each parent must submit a letter in writing, so here is a sample letter.


Dear school administrator,

It is against my personal religious beliefs to inject man made foreign chemicals into my child’s body. As the ultimate party of responsibility I do hereby object to all immunizations and fluoride treatments.

According to

Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 167
Pupils and Special Services
Section 167.181

August 28, 2008

3. This section shall not apply to any child if one parent or guardian objects in writing to his school administrator against the immunization of the child, because of religious beliefs or medical contraindications. In cases where any such objection is for reasons of medical contraindications, a statement from a duly licensed physician must also be provided to the school administrator.

Further, I will consider any attempt to administer vaccines or fluoride treatments to my child an assault and criminal charges will be filed against the individual administering the assault, and all responsible administrators.

Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions.


Your name


Here are some links to the Missouri government website for vaccine exemptions:

Please let be know if you have any trouble with this:

Immunizations of children required, when, exceptions

Here is a cool new law that restricts the amount of mercury contained in any vaccine for children under 3.

Oh look, they will give your child some fluoride with their mercury now!

19 thoughts on “Missouri immunization exemption forms

  1. My son’s school nurse told me that I had to have a signed letter from a pastor to have a religious exemption. I tried to argue (nicely!) with her about this, but she wouldn’t budge. We don’t have a pastor or a church, we are atheists, but I firmly disagree with vaccines. Can you give me some info here? She’s wrong, right?

  2. The school nurse is an employee of the state and MUST operated within state statutory guidelines which allow for a non-denominational religious exemption letter from one parent. She is making the signed letter thing up and using her “authority” to strong arm you. Stick to your guns, you may have to threaten the school board with discrimination law suit.

    Print out the above referenced statute and threaten her with her job if she does not do a better job knowing the law.

  3. Thank you, Dr. D.

    Yes, after posting this, I looked into it further, and I believe that she either didn’t know what she was talking about (which I hope is the case) or she lied to me.

    I will be getting form Imm.P.11A at the health department, filling it out, and politely handing it to her, politely declining to tell her which religion we belong to because “I wouldn’t want to get her in trouble for violating my religious freedoms.” Smile! 🙂

    Thank you for the encouragement!

  4. I am an adult in school and I am suppose to be required to receive some immunizations to complete my studies. I DO not want these shots and I am trying to find the Missouri law that allows me to do so, however the Immunization laws i am reading are only pertaining to children. Are there any exemptions laws for adults?

    • If your school is a state school the religious exemption would apply. If it is a private school they may be able to ask anything of you they want, if you want to attend. I would still tell the admissions office that it is against your personal religious beliefs to inject dangerous chemicals into your body. This position does not get nearly as much resistance as it used to.

  5. I have three children and have had my first 2 vaccinated, cause I was afraid of my kids getting the diseases. With my 3rd I got his first set of shots, but was hesatent and then he got sick and has been congested and has ear infections of and on ever since and he is 11 months now. I have been treating him naturally and have not done shots since. I told the dr I am doing research and am waiting eill he gets older, cause I was told they might drop us if we say we aren’t doing shots. Also, my husbands insurance has called and sent a letter saying he isn’t up to date on his shots and we need to call the Dr. and set an appointment to update them. Can the Dr. or the Insurance Drop us cause we are not doing shots or can I send a letter like the above to the Insurance?

  6. Tracy,

    The exemption is religious so I think it should get them off of your back. I will tell you, you not complying will throw your doctors statistics off and can cost him some bonus money so it is not uncommon for these types of doctors to dismiss non-compliant patients. I say good redence. You are hiring him to help not take over. If you live in the KC area I can make suggestions for doctors that are at peace with parents retaining the responsibility for their own children’s lives.


  7. I live in the KC area and would be interested in a list of Dr’s that aren’t going to give me grief for not having my 5 year old vaccinated. I need to enroll my daughter in kindergarten and the doctor that I had moved out of the area. Can you tell me if the religious exemption applies to the new law that forces your child to have the chicken pox vaccination (if they haven’t already had the illness)? Most people tell me that it is not as dangerous as the other vaccines but I would much rather have her get the actual illness and build the stronger immunities while she is young, rather than getting a shot to appease the school and have her get a worse case of the chicken pox once she is older (which is what I have heard has happened). Thanks!

  8. I am also very interested in a list of doctors. We had a hard time finding one in the Blue Springs/ Lee’s Summit area. The doctor we chose was boasted upon on other anti vaccine forums, but still hounds us at every apt. to vaccinate. My son is almost two and has only received a couple of the vaccines we were ok with. I’m just sick of going to her and her pressuring us and treating us like we’re stupid, and harming our child. Also, I’m starting my research early on the religious exempt (even though I have awhile to go). Is there an actual for to fill out or do I just have to write/tell the school our wishes? Thanks in advance!

  9. Our oldest is in 2nd grade and our youngest will enter Kindergarten this Fall. We have had both of them vaccinated. Both have speech delays and our oldest has had tics since he was 3 and diagnosed with Tourette’s when he was 5. He also has sensory issues and we’re currently testing him for learning disabilities. Our youngest will be evaluated for Asperger’s next month. The more I research vaccines, the less I want to continue vaccinating my children. What obstacles might I encounter if I now send the school an exemption letter for vaccines?

  10. Kate, none what so ever, beyond a nurse that you can quickly stare down with the religious discrimination argument. Really your children should be medically exempt. Any doctor that sticks a needle in your children with their condition would be committing malpractice.

  11. I would also like to get a list of ingredients for each of the specific vaccines that were injected into my children. Would this be obtainable from their pediatrician’s office?

  12. The complete ingredients list may not be available at your doctors office. You may have to do some specific google searches. The concoctions change year to year, so you may need a lot number or at least the year your child was violated. (I mean vaccinated. :))

  13. In Camden County, MO they require you to have a Hepatitis A vaccine to work in the food industry. Can I be exempt also religiously for this, or will I have to find a different field to work in to avoid these vaccinations, ;]?

    • Attending school and contracting to trade your time and talent for money are two different things. If a company requires a vaccine in order to work there, you are probably going to have to make that sacrifice. I’m not sure of the complete legal situation here, but to me, as an adult it is question of cost versus benefit. Will the job benefit you more than the potential damage from the vaccine will cost you?

  14. hey how are you hope good . my question is the words in red arethey part of the letter or just some add info what parts of the letter do i copy and pasts ok you have a good one thanks 😉

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