My daily promise

A work in progress, your comments are always welcome

Daily pledge:

As a sovereign sentient human being;

I recognize the higher power of god and his golden rule.

I promise to be responsible for myself and the consequences of all my actions.

I am not however responsible for the behavior or decisions of others.

I will honor all contracts that I have reviewed and approved of by my own signature.

I do not accept social contracts, or mandates forced upon me by illegitimate governments.

I promise to do all I can to help others who are trying to be responsible for themselves.

Government (def): A subset of a population within a geographical boundary with the authority to use force to achieve its goals. It is both violent and a monopoly by its very nature. Synonyms: Government = violent monopoly

Reasons for a Violent Monopoly:

To ensure everyone follows the golden rule.

To protect us from foreign invasion.

New laws only makes new criminals. The processing of which gives a large violent monopoly (government) a reason to grow even larger.

Mandates that need a violent monopoly (government) to enforce are fraudulent from their inception. Transparent disclosure of the issue at hand and allow me to make a responsible choice.