We are time creatures pretending the universe is solid

Throughout the extent of our collective memory we as humans have pondered the big questions…

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Where is here anyway?

Now I don’t claim to have the definitive answers to these questions.  But, I can put together a theory grounded in recent observational discoveries played against ancient understandings to these questions.

First of all I would like to get an agreement with you.  Can we agree the world is round?

I know it sure looks flat out there, but I hope everyone will admit airplane routes would be very different if the world were flat.  In fact, everything from bridge construction to satellite communication systems  would operate very differently if our world was flat and still.  When you start to laugh at these statements please remember Galileo spent the last 15 years of his life under house arrest for openly discussing the controversial proposition that the world was round and orbited the sun.

We are in a time of great transition.  The human race now has access to information that is radically changing our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.  This new information is challenging the status quo, similar to Galileo’s studies.  Like Galileo, the current power structure will fight to maintain its control over our lives with every resource they can gather.  Many efforts will be made to distract us, deceive us, mislead us, threaten us, and coerce us into going back to sleep and ignoring this information.  After all, what good is an abstract concept when I’m trying to put food on the table, right?  Well, this information will turn the field of health care on its head.

The problem the current authorities face is, also similar to the time of Galileo, truth once revealed cannot be put back into the bottle.

So what is this new truth?  Not only is the world NOT flat, it is also NOT solid.



a. Of definite shape and volume; not liquid or gaseous.
b. Firm or compact in substance.
2. Not hollowed out: a solid block of wood.
3. Being the same substance or color throughout: solid gold.
4. Mathematics Of or relating to three-dimensional geometric figures or bodies.
5. Having no gaps or breaks; continuous: a solid line of people.
6. Of good quality and substance: a solid foundation.
7. Substantial; hearty: a solid meal.
8. Sound; reliable: solid facts.
9. Financially sound.
10. Upstanding and dependable: a solid citizen.
11. Written without a hyphen or space. For example, the word software is a solid compound.
12. Printing Having no leads between the lines.
13. Acting together; unanimous: a solid voting bloc.
14. Slang Excellent; first-rate.

Think about the implications of this discovery!

(to be continued)