USDA gets ready to destroy small farms

 Like I have been saying all along, these people mean business and are going to
force you to ''register'' your farm if you want to raise food [livestock]. This
will allow them full access to your private property to ensure compliance [searches
and seizures], even if you don't have any disease! It could be bad records, lost
ear tags, non-compliance, and on and on. We already have programs that work for
God's sake! They can go anywhere now if there is disease, they want this for total
control and money, this is out of control Government at it's worst!

This program will drain Billions of dollars from the millions of small farmers in
America! They get rich, you get poor, this is how NAIS will work. We have done the
math, it will destroy small farmers! One goat, one horse, one pig, anything that can
get sick will be registered, chipped, and tracked, no exceptions!

Costs? Chips, labor, computer sytems, readers, extra hours in sale barns for animals
getting RFID chips read, record keeping for 14 events within 24 hours [full
traceability]. Costs for data base holders and employees, costs for USDA employees
to run the programs, costs everywhere in the billions but THEY say it will make
everyone more money because it will ''protect us in case''. I could go on and on
with costs and labor issues, not to mention the constitutional violations.

Again, they get everyone to testify that supports it. NOT ONE SMALL PRODUCER WAS

This is your future! If you raise your food or eat food, you need to pay attention! 

This will devastate small producers and run them out of business because they won't
do the mountain of costs and regulations! If you are a small farmer, you will be out
of business, if you are a consumer, I hope they give you bailout money to buy your
food because you won't have enough after they destroy 30% of our food supply!

Please join with me to stop NAIS! Call, write, and for God's sake VOTE THESE PEOPLE

Bob Parker
Lifetime Rancher/farmer/ in Missouri

Please pass this on to everyone on your lists...most have not even heard of NAIS!

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Will Americans accept being tracked 24/7?

Where is all this RFID chip use leading? How do you think they will get Americans to accept so much tracking?


In order to get people to accept this control system, there needs to be a reason for the people to accept it. I believe the government will eventually sell RFID technology to the American public as a way to resolve illegal immigration.

It is going to come down on the basis of this completely manufactured issue of illegal immigration. When I say completely manufactured, they allowed it to become an out of control problem and then publicized it day and night. They want the average American to be so fed up with illegal immigration that they will tolerate any degree of intrusion into their own lives in order to put a stop to it.

Katherine Albrecht