I’ll be on the radio this morning at 9 am

Catherine Bleish and the Restore the Republic Radio have asked me to come onto thier morning radio show today, Tuesday May 12, 2009.

Here is a a link:聽聽 http://www.revolutionbroadcasting.com/Default.aspx

Here is a repost of an entry from November 2007 regarding the changing world and how to succeed in the new world.

Let鈥檚 begin by bringing everyone up to speed with the currently accepted picture of reality and how modern science has rediscovered ancient wisdom.

Discovery number one: The old understanding that everything in the universe is made of either energy or matter is wrong. In fact, our new ability to peer into the life鈥檚 of atoms have demonstrated clearly that the protons and neutrons that we thought were solid are not. They are themselves made up of energy particles that seem to pop in and out of existence within our 4 dimensional reality. Where they go, is still a mystery but the fact that they are not always here has been repeatedly proven.

The age of Attention has begun: The information age has grown up and created a completely new human condition. This has been recently recognized and dubbed The Attention Age. Now that a person has instant access to all the information he could ever ask for values have shifted away from the information itself and to the attention span of the individual.

Those who fail to grasp this drastic change, are doomed to a treadmill ride to Nowheresville.

This Point of Attention, is discribed as a sentient human beings instant by instant reality. It is made up of three equal sources of information:

  1. Stimulation from the corporal bodies biological sensors as they monitor the local four deminsional universe.
  2. Memories of past experiences brought up by this stimulation or the brain may be in a state of constant restimulation of habitual behaviors and thoughts.
  3. Predictions of potential outcomes as the analytical mind attempts to creat a rational chain of experiences.

Discovery number two: Using exiting new scanners it is possible to examine in the 4 deminsions the activity of the human brain. It has been found that the brain is a very plastic organ. It is in a state of continual change. This change follows the Point of attention like a needle carving out a wax record. MANY of an individuals behaviors are simply well worn physical neuro networks in the brain, that are easily stimulated because of the numberous connections to other sensations and experiences held in the brain. Until now it was not recognized that these hardwired behaviors can be physically rewired with proper education and practice.

Modern science now has a clear picture of what happens in your brain as you deal with life. The physical brain is much more plyable than we ever imagined. This discovery explains how and why some of us are successful, while others of us are sick.

Tea Party at the Liberty Memorial


I am proud to stand before you today, a veteran, a doctor, and a father.聽 Like everyone here, I see my beloved country heading in exactly the wrong direction and I for one am willing to accept responsibility for this and am damn well going to do something about it!

25 years ago I was serving my country as a Sergeant in the 82nd Airborne.聽 I will never forget my First Sergeant’s standing rule.聽 “If you don’t have a solution in mind, don’t come to me complaining or expect to spend the next week picking up cigarette butts along the highway.”

I have tried to live my life by this simple plan. Don’t complain unless you have a solution in mind. If you came down here to just wave flags and complain, your in the wrong place.聽 I’m sure I speak for most of you when I say, “What can I do to help?”聽 Am I right?聽 What we, the free people of America do next will affect the future of every child on this planet.

As a doctor my I am trained to examine, diagnose, and treat disease.聽 Our country is suffering from the gravest of all diseases.

Symptoms include:

Totally upside down healthcare system that puts profits ahead of well being.

An education system that pushes the parents aside in preference to central government planning.

An secretive monetary system run by private greedy bankers and politicians who are allowed to print money out of thin air, and think my children are going to cover it.

A bought off press spreading propaganda as if it were news.

Well the exams results are in, our country is suffering from…

Laziness made worse by a Run Away Government…

The cause of our disease is:

A lazy population taught to sit down, shut up and call the authorities.

A run away government that keeps doing the same thing over and over again expecting something different to happen.聽 Government stimulus is like a pain pill.聽 It makes you feel good for a while but does nothing to fix the problem.

Recommended Treatments must include correcting the cause of the problem…

The internet, and the renaissance.

Educate yourselves. Find out who is behind all this apparent madness. Did you know the Federal Reserve is a private bank that has never been audited in nearly 100 years of business?

Speak out at every opportunity. Political correctness must be overcome. You must shoot your principles from the roof tops, tell everyone you know!

Take action.聽 Get involved.聽 Don’t wait for someone else to do it.聽 If not now then when? After you have your REAL ID chip? If not you, then who? Your children?

Be courageous!聽 Overcome your fears, stop finding excuses and blaming others for your situation.聽 Freedom comes with responsibility. Who owns your life anyway?

Thanks again for letting me speak here today. I will be at the Campaign for Liberty table all afternoon, if you want to do more than just protest come talk to us, we have work to do and need your help. When our children’s children look back upon these times how will we be remembered?

God Bless!

Washington DC this weekend!

By the time you read this I will be half way to our nations capital driving a van full of patriots.聽 We are gathering in Washington to let them know,聽we have had enough.聽 If they do not return to following the law as it is layed down in the Constitution, they are fired!!

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.聽 I can’t wait to tell you all about this grand adventure!

If you would like to learn more about how you can help please go to www.coppercards.com and sign up as a member.聽 Please put Dr. Drumright as your guardian when you sign up, I will explain more about this latter.聽 There is no cost or obligation to become a member other than to聽follow the golden rule.聽 Beyond that, it is important to study the constitution, because you cannot benefit from the law if your do not know the law.

See you Monday,


Tired of you Government thinking it owns you?

January 30, 2008

Every movement in history has faced some time of testing, some experience that either forges it into something strong and unified, or forces it to fade away into the history books as another failed experiment.

Dr. Paul has written to you that we are heading straight for Super Tuesday. Our opponents are free to beat up on each other and wear themselves down while we gather our supporters and prepare to storm the convention with delegates.

Last night, over 60,000 people stood up and asked for an end to the runaway violation of our liberties. But contrary to the impression you may be getting from the mainstream media, no national delegates have yet been won in Florida. Those delegates will only be awarded between February 6 and April 30 at delegate selection caucuses, and many of those delegates will be supporters of Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul is the only candidate not to give up on any state in the Republican race, and just as we competed strongly in overlooked states like Nevada and Louisiana, so too will we compete in Maine, Minnesota, and other states that the so-called “top-tier” candidates are content to ignore.

Now, as the focus shifts to Super Tuesday, Rudy’s campaign is crushed, Huckabee is losing momentum by the day, and McCain and Romney are fighting over who is the most liberal.

We’ve been here before. In 1776, despite a courageous effort at holding onto the city, George Washington ceded New York and quickly retreated to New Jersey.

1777 brought the British recapture of Fort Ticonderoga, as well as American defeats at Brandywine and Germantown.

And then, during the winter of 1777-1778, Washington and his army faced perhaps their most humiliating moment, forced to endure a harsh Pennsylvania winter with limited supplies at Valley Forge.

The American revolutionaries dealt with their defeats, focused on their goals, and emerged from Valley Forge as a force that would defeat the most powerful nation on earth.

Our momentum is building. Each one of us, from Dr. Paul himself down to the grassroots supporter who donates the last $5聽he or she聽can give, is focused on the goal.

Early in the struggle for American independence, George Washington wrote: “Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages.” Even then, Washington realized that a fierce struggle for self-government can only be won with a spirit of determination equal to the challenge.

Today, in the midst of our new revolution, let’s consider Washington’s words once again. The task before us is enormous. The foes of liberty are deeply entrenched, and they will not relinquish their power without a struggle.

But fighting in our favor is the unconquerable human spirit, the innate desire to be free. We must embrace this inner strength, dig in our heels, and persevere, just as Washington and his rag-tag colonials, the first American grassroots patriots, did before us. And if we must pass through a Valley Forge or two along the way to victory, let those times of testing temper the steel of our determination.

If Ron Paul is to continue his fight for liberty to the Republican Convention, we need your help in two critical ways:

1. Become a precinct leader today: It’s easy, but more importantly, it’s vital to Ron Paul’s success: https://voters.ronpaul2008.com.

2. Donate: Just as the Continental Congress supplied General Washington’s troops in the field, we too must raise as much money as we can to equip our grassroots supporters.

Help us win this revolution and usher in a new era of freedom, peace, and prosperity. Donate today: https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate.
Matthew Hawes, Policy Assistant
Daniel McCarthy, Internet Communications Coordinator
Jonathan Bydlak, Fundraising Director
Ron Paul 2008