Stewardship versus Ownership

Stewardship (responsibility for the upkeep of things around you)


Ownership (claim the right to tear it up if you want)

This may break your bubble, but if you can’t take it with you when you die, it was never really yours.

As a human, you have stewardship over the material world while you are here, but when you try to “own” physical stuff, you waste your precious time defending that claim.

Your time cannot be saved for later and is at the center of all that matters.

Spend it wisely in stewardship of all that surrounds you.

My daily promise

A work in progress, your comments are always welcome

Daily pledge:

As a sovereign sentient human being;

I recognize the higher power of god and his golden rule.

I promise to be responsible for myself and the consequences of all my actions.

I am not however responsible for the behavior or decisions of others.

I will honor all contracts that I have reviewed and approved of by my own signature.

I do not accept social contracts, or mandates forced upon me by illegitimate governments.

I promise to do all I can to help others who are trying to be responsible for themselves.

Government (def): A subset of a population within a geographical boundary with the authority to use force to achieve its goals. It is both violent and a monopoly by its very nature. Synonyms: Government = violent monopoly

Reasons for a Violent Monopoly:

To ensure everyone follows the golden rule.

To protect us from foreign invasion.

New laws only makes new criminals. The processing of which gives a large violent monopoly (government) a reason to grow even larger.

Mandates that need a violent monopoly (government) to enforce are fraudulent from their inception. Transparent disclosure of the issue at hand and allow me to make a responsible choice.

Proper alignment of people government and corporations

I was asked by Dr. Crow to blog this explanation so here goes:

Step 1:  In order to protect the liberties of the weak against oppression from the will of the strong, people gather together to form a government.

Government is vested by the people (jurors) with limited powers to referee (not judge) dispute resolutions between individuals.

Step 2:  In order to finance its existence, government is directed to regulate the creation and activities of corporations that do business within its borders.

End product: 

Corporations answer to and provide revenue for the government.

Government answers to and protects the interests of the people. 

People answer to the golden rule, and are responsible for the well being of thier local communities.

Sounds simple huh?  Well, to get back to this it is going to take a majority of American patriots to have the courage to reclaim the responsibility for thier own health, wealth and happiness. 

All federal entitlements need to be phased out to be replaced with responsible local activities. 

(Remove your >50% tax burden from your mind, imagine doubling your personal income, then reread this sentence with the attitude of how you could directly help others around you.)

Stop waiting for the authorities to save you, start being responsible adults, trust your feelings and remember the golden rule.

Dr D.