Pot prevents hypnosis

I was talking to a hypnotist the other day just before his show. 

I asked him “Is there anyone that you cannot hypnotize?”


What he told me shook my soul.  Because it ties the whole War on Drugs things together with the neocon’s NWO.


Here is what he said:  “There are two kinds of people that cannot be hypnotized;


1.   The person who actively resists being hypnotized. 

            (Assuming he knows someone is trying to hypnotize him)


2.   Someone who has smoked pot within the past 4 hours.


I am sure he does not understand the ramifications of this tid bit of Intel.


1.  Fluoride in the water supply softens the brain, decrease IQ, and lowers resistance to central            command.

2.  MSM engages in hypnotic delusions 24/7.

3.  Smoking pot shakes out the cobwebs and prevents hypnosis, which allows free thinking to occur.


This fact, plus needing to remove free energy from Americans, explains why this incredible plant was declared an enemy to the neocons as their plan was coming together in the 1930s.

Henry Ford’s Hemp Car

In 1941 the American inventor and businessman Henry Ford built a car both made from and fueled by hemp.  Imagine a weed that we spend billions of dollars a day trying to destroy, replaces both steel and oil…

No wonder this stuff is illegal!!! 

If I owned a US senator or two and I fed my family by selling steel, oil, gas, drugs, paper, corn or cotton, it would certainly be in my best interests to get together a few of my friends and use our governmental and media connections to both outlaw and publically slander anything to do with this incredible weed.