We can fix this mess

You are each sovereign sentient human beings.

Stop asking permission to be alive.

Remember this, when you sign that tax form in a few weeks,

you will be voluntarily forfeiting your sovereignty to your slave master the Federal Government.

Please take this short quiz:

Do you want to own your life?                           YES                               NO

If you answered NO, stop here, unsubscribe, take the blue pill and go back to sleep.

Do you need to ask permission to be alive?           YES                                NO

If the answer is YES, then from who are you asking?

GOD                 Government                your Mom

If you answered government = (a small group of humans granted the extra right to use force to accomplish their goals, or a violent monopoly)

then you think this violent monopoly (government) knows more about your life than you do.       RIGHT          WRONG

If you answered RIGHT, then how do you know this violent monopoly won’t be bought out by humans that DO NOT have your wishes in mind when they decide what is best for you?

Have they been honest with you about how they are spending the fruits of your labor so far?

As long as the global elite (lobbyists) believe that the US Federal Government will be able to extort the fruits of our labor for generations to come, we loose.

If we can show the world we are not going to volunteer to support tyranny, then I believe, with all me heart, they will follow us into a new age of freedom for all mankind on this planet.

All Federal Government tax forms are voluntary contracts between you and a private corporation called US Federal Government.

By signing this contract you are agreeing to waive all criminal activity of your employee government and further accept their leadership in the coming year, regardless of their prior transgressions over the Constitution that is suppose to govern them.

What are you going to do about it?

Cower in fear of the violent monopoly and sign the contract to protect what little property you may have been able to acquire during your life as a free range slave?


Make a stand for freedom!

Defend the sovereign rights granted you by God not the government.

Commit to helping your neighbors,

Stop asking for handouts from the big table!

Never enter a plea before a judge until he accepts the constitution as evidence.

If he refuses, refuse to plea, he has no authority over you until you enter into a contractual relationship by pleading not guilty before his court!!

Contact your local chamber of commerce and start a local currency.

Show up to help your fellow man when the violent monopoly comes knocking.

Alone we are doomed, but together we CAN fix this mess!!