Fountain of Youth Program

Does this sound familiar?

You work like an animal your whole life just to make it in a society and an economy that demands more and more of your time and energy.

As a result you neglect your health — not because you want to — simply because you don’t have the time or energy left after working all day to pay attention to what you eat and how you live.

The years slowly roll by and soon enough the effects of age begin to show themselves. The wrinkles and gray hair stand out, your skin loses its luster, and you see a layer of fat show up around your belly and hips.

The older you get, the more your waist line starts to expand. And, despite the increasing discomfort you experience as you gain, it seems like there is nothing you can do to reverse the spiral of increasing heaviness.

You try dietary approach after approach. You might lose a little, but it comes back in no time… and it is usually accompanied by a additional heaviness you didn’t have BEFORE you went on yet-another-diet.

Eventually you may even start getting sick.

It starts out slowly, so slowly you might not even realize you are getting ill. You have minor symptoms like increasing fatigue and brain fog… forgetting where you put the keys. In fact, you think this is “just what it is like to get old.” After all, that’s what we were all taught.

More years pass and you begin to approach retirement. As you do, more and more health problems creep up on you. You visit your doctor when you develop these problems and you are prescribed pharmaceutical medications you don’t want to take, often because they have side effects you don’t wish to endure.

Finally you retire — hoping for some relaxation from this whole unhealthy process.

But the health problems you’ve acquired over a lifetime of living take too much of a toll, so instead of happily playing with your grandkids and traveling to all the places you never had time to see when you were working, you now have so little energy and are so sick that you are either at the doctor’s office or in bed. And you have to take so many medications you carry around a pill box just to keep them organized.

Your remaining years go by in a frantic fight to improve your health, and you live the hard elder life that too many people suffer from in their last few years.

Then that’s it…

I know, it sounds a bit depressing to think about. But the truth is this is how too many Americans live today.

However, you don’t HAVE to live this way. You have a choice. Life is not supposed to be like this. You don’t have to live your later years suffering from less than optimal health.

I have recently introduced my Fountain of Youth Intensive care system, you are sure to feel 20 years younger in body, mind and spirit within 30 days!!

Call 816-436-9355 and ask Sharon when you can start feeling young again!

10 reasons you fail to stay with a new exercise program


Watch your posture at all times while exercising. Hanging on to the equipment, slouching cheating with wieghts will cause more harm than good.


Keep your mind on what you are doing.  This is not social hour.  Focus on each part of your body until you feel the burn.

3. Not including cardio, strength training and stretching each session.

Falling into a rut by not altering your routine.  Try adding an extra workout per week, increase your workout by 5-10 minutes, use interval training or add an incline, run in the opposite direction.

5. Believing exercise includes permission to eat anything.
6. Being impatient.  The body will grow into a younger you, but it takes time.  You have to work at it.

Rushing.  Exercise must be about improving the mind body connection.  Rushing your reps is a good way to get injured and set back a couple months.


Consuming sugary sports drinks or energy bars as if they are good for you.  Great marketing, bad idea.


Burning out.  Not thinking long term.  This is a part of a new lifestyle that must be embraced for the remainder of your time here on earth.


Advancing into more complicated techniques before the body is ready.  Stay with the basics for 2 years. You will understand what I’m saying later.

Most of all enjoy yourself, you will never stick to something unless it brings you pleasure.