Because Americans Have Been Conditioned to Live Our Lives Under the True Essence of Slavery

George Nelson
USAF, retired


All of this fretting, whining, buying licenses and permits, asking for permission and pleading with government is the fault of none other than we the people, but along the way, we’ve had a lot of help in that respect from Lawyers, the GOA, the NRA, AARP, ETC., and yes, our bought and paid for congressional politicians. If we had lived our lives as free sovereigns as the framers had idealistically hoped, there would be little need for all the organizations that are in the business of fighting on our behalf by hacking at the branches rather than striking the root. Ben Franklin was doubtful that the founder’s experiment with self government would function successfully for very long, and as it turns out, he was right. The sad fact is that Americans epitomize the well known Johan von Goeth quotation that none are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.

We now “voluntarily” pay more than half of our working wages in taxes for services that we often do not want, nor did we request. We pay for licenses to get married, and we are taxed for our food, our clothing, and our shelter. We fight the bureaucracy for the natural right to home-school our children, and eventually our children are taxed for the coffin and flowers purchased to bury their parents, and it goes on and on.

There’s not a day goes by that I don’t receive an email from some group warning me for a variety of reasons to call my congressman immediately, or to receive a plea for an out of cycle donation from another political action committee that it must receive from me in order to fight off another gun control bill. That is what Henry David Thoreau meant by hacking at the branches.

Regardless of what anyone tries to make of the few opening words of the 2nd amendment, the constitution clearly and most emphatically says—- The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. There is nothing in that simple clause that needs any interpretation by lawyers in black robes. To keep arms simply means to own and store any and all tools of personal defense, which may be at hand. According to the supreme law of our Constitutional Republic, we may possess those tools, put them in our closets, in our glove box or in our pockets— Stash them in our purses, or hold them in our hands. To bear arms is to conceal or openly carry them and walk around anywhere we wish. There are no restrictions in the Bill of Rights on who may keep and bear arms. One only needs to be, a people. The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental, God given, natural right, which was also written into the Preamble to the constitution. It is an all inclusive reference to the natural, God given rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Those fundamental, natural rights and freedoms include, and project a heavy burden of personal responsibility to cause no harm to another person’s life or property, or to interfere with another’s fundamental rights except in self defense or in defense of the Republic. The second amendment was included in the Bill of Rights in order to emphasize what was clearly understood at the time to be a fundamental, natural right to protect one’s life and liberties, and especially from the abuses of a tyrannical, out of control government which the founders knew was sure to come. If or when the people decide the constitution needs amending, the rules for making such changes are spelled out in Article five. Any so-called Law, Act, Ordinance or Statute, which is determined to be contrary to the provisions of the Constitution are null and void, retroactive to the time it was signed into law, and that includes an abundance of so-called Gun Control Laws. Only a Constitutional Amendment can change the clear intent of the supreme law of the land.

An act of the legislature repugnant to the Constitution is void — Marbury v. Madison, Feb 1803.

Time and space do not permit listing all the laws, acts and statutes, which are contrary to the Constitution, but in the interest of brevity and example, the ones which have had the most devastating effect on the prosperity of our Constitutional Republic are the Federal Reserve Act and the Legal Tender Act. The reason these were passed as Acts is because the schemers knew darn well they could never wrest control of the Republic’s money by way of a Constitutional amendment. Therefore, the Federal Reserve Act and the Legal Tender Act were null and void retroactive to 1913 because each Act is obviously repugnant to the Constitution.

Applying to any agent of for a license to pursue any activity which is already constitutionally lawful, and a natural right is to suggest that the government agent is sovereign over you. The activities and actions of the NRA, GOA, AARP, your congressional member, and even us, (we the people) have long ago validated and perpetuated the false assumption that Governments at every level are sovereign over the people. The Founder’s clear intentions were to leave the people in charge of our own lives and that of our government—and in the ranking of sovereignty we the people are subject only to God—-The federal government is dead last.

We’ve made a mess of things in the past 222 years of our Republic’s independent history, and we don’t have much time left to correct our mistakes. All of us must start now by accepting the responsibility that comes with sovereignty and freedom. We must cease the nonsense of asking our public servants for their permission to do anything which we the people have not had an active hand in approving. Until development of the Internet, we the people were totally dependent upon the controlled print, radio, and television media for all information critical to our interests and cultural values. The most damage was done to our lives and prosperity around the year 1913 when getting amendments, Laws and Acts through Congress were a breeze. In 1913, not many homes in rural America had electricity or even a battery operated radio. But today, the worm has turned because the Internet is rapidly replacing the so-called, mainstream media. Newspapers are rapidly going bankrupt and television is on the ropes. Of course, the media blame the troublesome Internet for their loss of subscribers rather than their own deficient and twisted reporting. The Internet is fast, it’s convenient, and basically it’s free, but the biggest advantage the Net has, by far is that it is, up to now, uncontrollable. The websites which attempt to twist or censor freedom of speech or offend one’s personal values are quickley abandoned by their readers who jump to other websites, which they consider more appealing and trustworthy— No bankruptcy filings or bailouts required, and the enemies of personal freedom are forever doomed to eventual failure.

Because of the Internet, World citizens are communicating with one another today as never before in the history of Planet Earth—— consequently; Liars, thieves, propagandists, cheaters, tyrants and scammers are being exposed everyday, and patriotic bounty hunters of many nations are hot on their tails. Let us remain focused and continue to communicate with others around the World, because we are all in this leaking boat together.

With what remains of the Constitutional Republic of these united states, let us begin to live our lives as the sovereigns we are supposed to be, not as subjects. This same redirection applies to people who happen to be employed as public servants, but who have also fallen into the misguided quagmire of obediently pleading to governments for licensed permission to engage in the natural right to earn a living, or to own a domesticated family pet, or to eat apricot kernels, to sell or drink raw milk or to keep and bear arms. We will never break free of this madness until we stop meekly asking government for permission to do a darned thing. Dr. Martin Luther King did not engage in what the media termed, civil disobedience. He simply stopped asking for permission. When we learn this valuable lesson and develop some personal backbone, then and only then will sovereign people become empowered to set rules they wish to follow in order to insure an orderly and prosperous society. Only then will we secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

If you decide to accept this challenge, you will likely be warned by your friends that you could be arrested and go to jail for your impudence and disobedience, and they could be correct. But if what you did is protected by the unalienable, natural right to life, liberty and the pursuit of your personal happiness, you won’t stay long in jail, and the arresting officer and the jurisdiction he or she represents could face serious financial jeopardy. Many of Martin Luther King’s frontline supporters went to jail many times, and some even lost their lives. Dr. King did both. The time for writing letters and phoning faceless congressional clerks is over. Don’t leave this critical job for your children and your grand children. It’s long past time for us to take the gloves off and fight in defense of our children’s freedom.

I leave you now with this final thought— The Constitution for the united States would have never been ratified if the Framers had not halted the ratification process long enough to include the first ten amendments, which we know as the Bill of Rights. Each and everyone of those ten amendments are based on the natural, God given, fundamental rights that sets us apart as Americans. By far, the most important of those ten amendments is the one that is often been called, The Forgotten Amendment, and that is the one, all encompassing, Ninth Amendment. To be historically precise it reads simply; The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

In the language of today the Framers may well have written the Ninth Amendment this way: The unalienable rights, which are listed herein are not all inclusive, and in no way does this enumeration place a limit on any and all all other reserved rights that further supports the People’s natural entitlements to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and property.

We the people have no Constitutional rights. We have only unalienable, God given, rights, and that’s all we will ever need. Everyone has the natural right to be a card carrying atheist, but when it comes to claiming these rights in one’s personal defense it may be prudent to pause and give thanks to the Almighty Giver. No matter how you see it spelled—inalienable or unalienable, it simply means permanent, irrespective of what may someday happen to the Constitution.

Civil Rights are the creation of government, and what the government gives, the government can take away, but unalienable rights are a totally different matter. Everything I do from day to day is to live by the golden rule while in the pursuit of life, liberty, liberty and happiness. Governments have absolutely no power, authority or jurisdiction in the matter.

“People who fight may lose. People who don’t fight have already lost.” Bertolt Brecht