New Health Insurance Rules come into play on Sept 23

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Parija Kavilanz, senior writer, On Wednesday September 22, 2010, 11:06 am

September 23 marks the six-month anniversary of health reform. It’s also the date when several key insurance changes come into effect.

Here’s what you need to know about how your insurance is affected.

If you get insurance through your boss: Many people who are insured through work won’t notice immediate changes to their health plans until their health plans renew, which is tied to companies’ open enrollment periods. Health plans offered through large employers usually get renewed on Jan. 1.

But the mandates could kick in sooner for health plans sold to new entities or individuals after Sept. 23.

Here are some key changes coming into effect:

Coverage expansion for adult dependents until age 26. Employers will have to provide coverage for dependents of workers who don’t have access to other employer-based health care coverage ’till age 26. Some states already mandate this coverage until age 28 or 29.  continued

Know the facts about Missouri Prop C

Prop C does not allow insurance companies to deny you benefits. You can participate in any plan you choose including the federally designed plan.
Prop C does not increase your premiums, in fact it lowers overall costs by allowing market forces to force them down. There is nothing like a monopoly to increase cost to the consumer.
Prop C does protect your privacy, why does the IRS need to know your BMI (how fat you are) anyway? Wait until you get that call from the government reminding you to take your meds!
Prop C does protect your right to determine what procedures you want and refuse those you don’t want. Your right to choose chiropractic, herbs, vitamins, and other natural remedies as an option to drugs and surgery will be protected.

Please read the law before voting.
Fear can only survive in a vacuum of facts. Know the facts, before you decide.

Please vote YES on Prop C

Corporate Welfare for the Insurance Industry

Healthcare Reform is More Corporate Welfare

Last Wednesday the nation was riveted to the President’s speech on healthcare reform before Congress.  While the President’s concern for the uninsured is no doubt sincere, his plan amounts to a magnanimous gift to the health insurance industry, despite any implications to the contrary.

For decades the insurance industry has been lobbying for mandated coverage for everyone.  Imagine if the cell phone industry or the cable TV industry received such a gift from government?  If government were to fine individuals simply for not buying a corporation’s product, it would be an incredible and completely unfair boon to that industry, at the expense of freedom and the free market.  Yet this is what the current healthcare reform plans intend to do for the very powerful health insurance industry.

The stipulation that pre-existing conditions would have to be covered seems a small price to pay for increasing their client pool to 100f the American people.  A big red flag, however, is that they would also have immunity from lawsuits, should they fail to actually cover what they are supposedly required to cover, so these requirements on them are probably meaningless. Mandates on all citizens to be customers of theirs, however, are enforceable with fines and taxes.

Insurance providers seem to have successfully equated health insurance with health care but this is a relatively new concept.  There were doctors and medicine long before there was health insurance.   Health insurance is not a bad thing, but it is not the only conceivable way to get health care.   Instead, we seem to still rely on the creativity and competence of politicians to solve problems, which always somehow seem to be tied in with which lobby is the strongest in Washington.

It is sad to think of the many creative, free market solutions that government prohibits with all its interference.  What if instead of joining a health insurance plan, you could buy a membership directly from a hospital or doctor?  What if a doctor wanted to have a cash-only practice, or make house calls, or determine his or her own patient load, or otherwise practice medicine outside the constraints of the current bureaucratic system?  Alternative healthcare delivery models will be at an even stronger competitive disadvantage if families are forced to buy into the insurance model.  And yet, the reforms are sold to us as increasing competition.

What if just once Washington got out of the way and allowed the ingenuity of the American people to come up with a whole spectrum of alternatives to our broken system?  Then the free market, not lobbyists and politicians, would decide which models work and which did not.

Unfortunately, the most broken aspect of our system is that Washington sees the need to act on every problem in society, rather than staying out of the way, or getting out of the way.  The only tools the government has are force and favors. These are tools that many unscrupulous and lazy corporations would like to wield to their own advantage, rather than simply providing a better product that people will willingly buy.  It seems the health insurance industry will get more of those advantages very soon.

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Why I am for a single party payor system.

As I have been watching this thing unfold, my opinion on having a public options is changing.  Let me explain.

As a health care provider and a STRONG advocate of personal responsibility you would think I would be an aponent of a government run health insurance right?

Over the past 20 years, I have witnessed first hand the problems with the currrent disease care system.

Depending on a third party payor system always increases costs to the consumer without adding to the quality of goods, all in the name of being prepared in case “something bad” happens.

Since human beings are like water in that they will predictably flow towards the path of least resistence.  Providing safety nets allow for, and indeed encourage, irresponsible management of the one thing of true value in this life, namely your fleshy body.

Maintaining the well being of your fleshy body is a full time job, that frankly most Americans are too busy trying to pay the bills to keep up.  This is a problem with priorities.

But, if you do not spend some of your time and talent maintaining your fleshy body it will get sick, and you will be needing expensive intervention at some point.  Diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are very good demonstrations of this phenomena.

So when you apply the above knowledge of human behavior to the situation created by eliminating the unneccesary health insurance middle man and increasing the required effort to obtain help from the “system” you will see a behavioral adjustment towards the easier route of just taking care of yourself.

This will drastically reduce the cost of health care in this county allowing more of the wealth generated on the backs of the good people of this land to be channeled directly to the bankers.



Universal Health Care

To the point, universal healthcare is exactly the wrong direction to go.  It is government and third party insurance involvement that has ruined the entire health care system in this county. 


A healthy body is a personnal responsibility not a third party benefit.  Any effort to further remove people from thier responsibility to maintain their own body will do nothing but increase costs and decrease overall well being of the population depending on it.


Dr Drumright

Congress passes bill to protect employees from genetic discrimination

Please read the fine details.  Yes, this bill protects you from your employer or health insurance discriminating against you because of information found in your genetic code. 

BUT, it also allows the government at all levels access to all genetic information and decreases the need for consent to collect genetic material from you.

If my genetic code is not “private” I don’t know what is.


Gambling with your health

I’m not much of a gambler, but when I do place a bet I ussually plan on winning that bet, thou most of the time the odds are stacked against me.

Giving another person or company money just in case something bad happens to you is gambling.

ALL 3rd party payer systems, private insurance or government programs are the house, the odds are stacked in their favor.  They take your bet because they expect to keep your money.

You place your bet, only the house gets to set the odds and the anti (premium).

While making monthly installments on your bet, you go about your merry way hoping you never win that bet.

Only, deep down inside something is saying, “Dang, I sure am investing a lot of my hard earned money into this bet.  Too bad I can’t come up with some way to win that bet, without getting too sick, of course.”

You never say it out loud, but you know others are thinking the same thing by what they say and how some of them display thier winnings (illnesses) with pride.

Stop gambling with your health, take a responsible role in the upkeep of your body.  If you have questions, please comment on this blog, or set an appointment.  I now have a 30 day intensive fountain youth program. The first few people that have gone through it (including me) have made miraculous progress in recovering the energy and spirit of our youth.