July 12 is the 100 year anniversary of the 16th amendment, that’s long enough

As an American, I am so proud of you for your role in organizing, leading, and
focusing other Americans on the all-too-real problems we, as a nation, face.

Tomorrow, July 12th, is the 100th anniversary of the Congressional resolution that
proposed the Income Tax (16th) Amendment.

A year later, the world's bankers met on Jekyll Island, Georgia to plan the Federal
Reserve Bank.

 It took three more years before an out-going Secretary of State proclaimed, some
say illegally, that the Income Tax Amendment had been ratified by the States.

 Within months, the Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act and abdicated its power
to coin money.

 The Income Tax Amendment and the Federal Reserve Act are closely intertwined and,
to this day, serve powerful interests to strangle the liberty of the people.

 With so much renewed interest in the Constitution and the basic unalienable rights
of the people, we believe that the time is right to end this scourge that has
increasingly suppressed our liberties for nearly one hundred years.

 Repeal Income Tax is executing a four-year plan to repeal the income tax. It is our
only issue, but it touches on so many other issues -- Cap and Trade, Health Care,
Bailouts, Stimulus, all depend on the ability of Congress to manipulate the people
through the income tax.

 I ask you not only to help us spread awareness of these historical facts, but of
our movement -- the July 12th Movement -- to repeal the income tax.

 Our goal is not a theory. It's not even a new idea. The people forced the repeal of
Prohibition when they got angry enough. We are following that same path.

 Perhaps nowhere else is our loss of liberty more profound than in the moral
authority of our churches and synagogues which operate under the tyranny of the
Internal Revenue Code. The decline of religious freedoms in the public square
tracks closely with the rise of the power of the Internal Revenue Service to
interfere with the traditional activism that sprang from America's churches. The
traditional freedom from taxation that churches enjoyed since our founding has been
replaced with a privilege that is only granted in exchange for their silence.

 So, tomorrow, and on every day of worship from now until the Income Tax is
repealed, we ask that you make a bold and poignant statement.

 Encourage your religious leaders to observe one minute of silent prayer or
reflection during regular religious services to underscore the loss of religious
freedom and our unalienable rights. As the movement grows, the silence will surely
become deafening.

 Please encourage all your fellow activists, family, and friends to join us in this
crusade and sign the Declaration to Repeal the Income Tax.


 Why a Declaration and not a Petition? Why didn't our Founders sign a Petition to
King George? Because the people are not the servants of their government. Because
the power to govern lies with the people, not with government.

 It will only be through the power of numbers in every village and town and city
around the country that we will achieve this goal.

 God Bless America,

 John Hanson

 Repeal Income Tax
 July 12th Movement

 Twitter: http://twitter.com/RepealIncomeTax

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Darrell L. Castle

Is the current tactic being employed to save the American financial system, the bailout, working? The answer to that question depends on your definition of the word “working”. If by “working” you mean the transferring of the nation’s wealth from working Americans to the bankers; the exponential accumulation of debt that must be repaid with interest by future generations; the destruction of the value of the dollar and with that destruction the lowering of the standard of living of working and retired Americans, creating the conditions that make martial law inevitable and with that declaration of martial law a world currency and world central bank; the nationalization of the American financial system; the ensconcing in positions of power, privilege, and dominance over the system of the very people who caused the crises in the first place, it has worked in spectacular fashion.

If you define “working” as ending the credit crises and freeing credit for business to put people back to work; allowing stable and profitable banks to emerge and lead the system back to stability; the avoidance of taxpayer money being used to pay huge bonuses and salaries to executives who have led their companies to failure; the avoidance of taxpayer money being used by banks to acquire stable, profitable companies including those not in the financial industry; avoidance of economic depression and with it the conditions of civil unrest and chaos, then it has been an abject failure.

The bailout and the coming economic stimulus follow what Keynesian economic theory dictates that we do. Keynesians believe that recessions are caused by a drop in aggregate demand. The Keynesian answer then is to increase demand by lowering interest rates. When interest rates are lowered to zero, which they now have been, without a corresponding increase in demand, it is because we are not squandering our money fast enough and thus the government must step in with a “stimulus” and squander it for us. This theory and tactic has worked in the past but will it work now? Not only will this tactic not work, it can’t work because for the first time in history debt, both public and private, has reached exponential growth. A problem caused by too much debt and credit that is too loose cannot be fixed by piling on more debt and more loose credit. More importantly, it can’t work because the underlying productive economy has been destroyed. Our manufacturing has been taken off shore to China, and Mexico. Our information technology has been taken off shore to India. Our financial system is obviously bankrupt.

Is there anything that can be done then to save this economy? Yes, there are many things that we could do which collectively would bring economic recovery very quickly.

  1. End The FED. Monetary reform and economic recovery are not possible unless Congress is able to recover its Constitutional authority over our monetary system. The growth of debt must be stopped and reversed, and the debt based system of monetary creation through interest bearing bank credit must be reversed if we are to recover. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 should be rescinded and the FED banks liquidated and their assets turned over to the US treasury. It would be acceptable for them to continue under a different name as independent clearinghouse banks. Once Congress regains its Constitutional authority over money, it could issue money based on the full faith and credit of the United States or said another way, based on the labor and productive capacity of the American people. This money and credit would keep the economy functioning and prevent depression while we transitioned from our present debt based system to the gold standard. Some type of income restitution should be considered to replace money stolen from the American people through the FED’s 95 years of fraud and theft. It could be called a negative income tax or income restitution, or simply a people’s dividend. This people’s dividend could be paid from Congress directly to the American people on a monthly basis for a temporary period of two years. The payments, which would assist with the government’s transition to a gold standard would replace much of our current welfare system and would go equally to all citizens who are eighteen years of age or older and who are not in prison, on parole or on probation. The two year time period would give Congress plenty of time for the transition as well as time to evaluate the dividend’s effectiveness.

  1. Withdraw From Both Wars Immediately. Our nation has never been able to pay for these wars except through massive debt or massive inflation. Immediate withdrawal would save at least a trillion dollars.

  1. Secure Our Borders. Securing our borders would relieve pressure on the social systems of state and local governments which are now asking for bailouts of their own. The Federal Government should perform its constitutionally mandated duty under Article 4, Section 4 and protect the states from invasion. All immigration, even legal immigration, should be stopped until our borders are secure and our social systems and economy are under control. Immigration laws should be enforced within the United States. This would save several hundred billion dollars per year.

  1. Repeal All So Called Free Trade Agreements Such As NAFTA, WTO, and GATT. These agreements serve the interests of international mega corporations and foreign governments at the expense of the American people by encouraging manufacturing jobs to locate off shore. These agreements also serve to destroy small farms and small businesses in favor of those same mega corporations thus rendering the American people dependent on the whims of government for the necessities of life. This would save several hundred billion dollars per year.

  1. Withdraw From All Foreign Alliances and International Organizations. These agreements and organizations such as the UN and NATO continually seek to destroy American sovereignty and tend to lead us into foreign wars that have little or nothing to do with the defense of America. A free and independent people should have no part in such agreements and organizations. This would save hundreds of billions of dollars per year and would allow for the rebuilding of our military for the true defense of the American people and our way of life.

  1. Close Down Much Of The Federal Government. Many federal departments such as the Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Transportation, and the Department of Commerce serve no useful purpose and should be closed and their assets liquidated and returned to the US treasury. The primary effect of these departments seems to be the increase of government power and control over the lives of the American people. This would save at least several hundred billion dollars per year.

  1. Abolish The IRS And The Income Tax. The cost saving ideas previously listed and discussed would allow for a balanced budget and the American economy would rebound very quickly. The government, then reduced to Constitutional size, could easily be funded by a small, non-punitive, tariff. There should be no direct federal tax on the American people. This would save untold amounts of money.

  1. Repudiate All Public Debt To The Banks. Public and private debt are very different in that a private debtor voluntarily pledges his own assets, income, etc. in return for a loan and thus the creditor foregoes the use of present money in expectation of being repaid with interest. A public debtor, on the other hand, pledges other people’s future income and assets which that public debtor must take from those people by force. None of them had direct say in the making of the debt. In addition, much public debt to the banks was incurred through fraud and extortion of the kind that occurred when Congress was intimidated into voting for the bailout with threats of civil unrest and martial law. These tactics would land most people in prison if used in private business deals. Foreign governments who hold American debt should be assured of repayment and their investments should be protected as much as possible thus foreign trade could continue and government could continue to be funded. There should be plenty of money available to redeem our bonds, etc. from foreign governments and this would have the additional benefit of reducing our dependence and vulnerability to blackmail.

  1. The Portion Of The Public Debt Owed To Other Federal Agencies Should Be Written Off. The federal government carries a large amount of debt owed to various departments of the Federal Government and this debt should be written of and stricken from the books.

If the Federal Government would take the steps outlined in this article the American economy would not only recover but would unleash a new era of innovation and production. Do Congress and the new President care enough about the American people, their lives, their families, their liberty, their security and their peace to do these things? So far the answer appears to be no, but time will tell. If the Federal Government were to take these steps, it should then back off and leave the economy alone. As someone once said, “there is no problem that government can’t make worse”. Personal and business debt would be shaken out through payment, write-offs, bankruptcy, and other methods. There would be a quick recovery and balance sheets would soon return to normal. Instead, our government has reduced interest rates to zero and will soon “stimulate” the economy with hundreds of billions of dollars of borrowed or created money which will make the problem worse, a lot worse. What happens when the government’s tactics do not work? Well, I suppose that is one reason why all those Federal troops have been assigned to Northern Command.

Suspend income tax for 2008

Completely suspending all personnal income tax for 2008 will cost less than $1.2 trillion.  This is less than a third of what we are giving away to the banks.

Watch Texas Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX) as he makes the first suggestion of such a great idea.


Please support HR-25 S-1025 – The Fair Tax Act


The Fair Tax plan was created by and is supported by American citizens, not by the lobbyists who run Congress. So, inherently, it garners trust because it was created outside Washington DC.

It repeals the income tax, corporate tax, payroll taxes (FICA and MEDI), gift tax, and estate tax and replaces the current revenue stream with a national retail sales tax.

It lessens or solves so many problems that Congress has created by currying favor with special interests over so many years, including many of the problems that have led to the current economic crisis.

For example, eliminating the corporate tax and income tax will flood this country with investment from overseas. And with investment, jobs that we have been off-shoring for years will come back. Everyone wins except the lobbyists.

By taxing consumption and rebating life’s necessities, it’s effective rate (tax paid minus rebate) starts at zero and approaches the maximum rate the more you spend. So, the wealthy, who spend more, pay more.

It encourages savings and investment because investment gains not taxed. (What an idea!)

There are no loopholes.

Federal taxes are no longer withheld from wage earners and Joe-The-Taxpayer doesn’t have to file anything with the Federal Government.

In fact, only businesses that sell at retail have to file and its a simple percentage of their sales AND the business is compensated with a small percentage of the tax remitted to offset its own compliance costs.

By eliminating the ability of Congress to manipulate the Byzantine Internal Revenue Code, the power of lobbyists over the Federal government is greatly diminished. And Congress won’t be spending time on its interminable tweaking of the I.R.C.