When Government Plays Doctor

This week, concerns about swine flu have dominated the media and many government officials.  While the American people should be made aware of infectious diseases and common sense preventative measures, much of the hysterical reaction from government only serves to remind us how detrimental to your health it can be when government plays doctor.

As a physician, I have yet to see any evidence that justifies the current level of alarm.  Influenza typically kills around 36,000 people every year in this country and hospitalizes a couple hundred thousand.  So far there are only a handful of confirmed deaths attributable to this strain, and most of those sickened have or will fully recover.  Every death is tragic, but I see no reason to deal with this flu outbreak any differently than we typically deal with any other flu season.  Instead, government in its infinite wisdom is performing even more invasive screening at airports, closing down schools and sporting events, and causing general panic.

We had a similar outbreak in 1976, with only 1 death from the flu, but mandatory vaccinations killed at least 25 before the program was abandoned.

When government gets involved in healthcare decisions, the cure is so often worse than the illness.  And yet, this administration will likely consolidate the government’s power over your health with sweeping new reforms that are already being discussed in the Senate.

Government has not improved healthcare, and has not made it cheaper.  Quite the opposite; costs have skyrocketed, and quality has gone down in many ways.  Gone are the days of the country doctor making house calls, or of voluntarily giving away medical services at charity hospitals.  The bureaucratization of healthcare these past 45 years has made things worse.  It saddens me as a doctor that physicians are less and less accountable to patients, but more and more accountable to government red tape, insurance companies and attorneys.  It seems so perverse to me that important medical decisions that will directly affect the lives of all or nearly all Americans are being hashed out behind closed doors in Washington rather than between doctors and patients.

There is perhaps nothing more valuable to a human being than his or her health, which is why I’ve always considered the practice of medicine so crucial to our well-being.  Any intrusion by government into the privacy and trust between doctor and patient is detrimental to the art of medicine.  It distorts the whole dynamic of who the client really is when doctors must answer more to government or insurance companies than to their patients.  The best solutions to improving quality and lowering costs of healthcare would be measures that put decisions back into the hands of patients and doctors, where they rightfully belong.  I have introduced HR 1495 The Comprehensive Healthcare Reform Act, which promotes health savings accounts and tax deductibility of healthcare costs as an important step in this direction.

The unfortunate reality of this recent health crisis, as with any crisis, is that it presents opportunities that the unscrupulous will take advantage of, while the fearful become more compliant.

The Hardest Part of Parenting and Governing in a Free Society

I’m sure anyone who has raised chilren will agree with me when I say, the hardest part of all, is backing off and letting them be responsible for themselves.  Sometimes I catch myself cleaning up after the kids because it really is easier to just do it myself than discussing the mess, and who should be cleaning it up,  with them for 10 minutes.

With the best intentions, when we coddle our children we are interfering with their ability to achieve self reliance.  Self reliance cannot be educated into them.  It is only achieved through a trial – error- change – trail – succeed behavior model.  The internal feed back of this model creates a problem solving, enthusiastic, and productive person.

This is taken away by our good intentions, and we end up with the guilt of introducing a generation of spoiled, irresponsible brats into our society, god save us.

The same can be said for a government that is too coddling to its inhabitants.  When government (mom and dad) are always there to save us, we can never learn to be self reliant.   You cannot be FREE until you live without nets. Nets lead to risky behavior, leads to dependency, leads to slavery.

So, maybe some people don’t want to be free.  I understand.  Americans live the good life.  Better the guilded cage than the wilderness!  There is always food in the grocery store.  Who cares where it comes from!  A couple of cars in the drive, convenient stores on every corner.  As good as it gets, right?  Ever heard me say, everything happens in cycles?  This high cannot last.  A couple of generations of the good life and the society whithers.

Government dependency programs harvest votes for the ego maniac leaders to continue the pilliaging of a once free people.

Click my heels three times

Someone please make it stop! Everyday is filled with new government programs to save us! None of which can possibly help. More and more people are waking up to the fact that government by its very nature cannot produce anything. The act of producing something means turning a low value resource into a higher value product useful to society. If the actions taken on a resource cost society the same or more than the value they create for societies future use, then this is consumption. The opposite of production. All government programs are financed through taxation of the society they serve. This takes resources away from the people who produced them reducing their ability to produce marketable products and wealth. All government programs require layers of oversight which increases costs BEFORE final product is put into society. A government program always takes from the producers to give to consumers with extra costs added to the middle. This process decreases net wealth of the society while creating a dependency on the government or.. A government takes from one to give to another enslaving them both in the process. Comments???

immediate action against the maniacs running the government in Washington

Please make viral:

U.S. Congressman Ron Paul said: “Under liberty, we built the greatest, freest, most prosperous, most decent country on earth. It’s no coincidence that the monstrous growth of the federal government has been accompanied by a sickening decline in living standards and moral standards. The feds want us to be hamsters on a treadmill–working hard, all day long, to pay high taxes, but otherwise entirely docile and controlled. The huge, expensive, and out-of-control leviathan that we call the federal government wants to run every single aspect of our lives. Well, I’m sorry, but that’s not America. It’s not what the Founders gave us. It’s not the country you believe in. It’s not the country I believe in.”

– Full story: http://www.angelfire.com/az/sthurston/ronpaulspeech.html

Are you going to be part of the problem or part of the solution?



By Greg Evensen March 5, 2009


I have just finished watching two of my favorite motion pictures, “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson and “Red Dawn.” Although produced in liberal Hollywood, they did capture—in our imaginations—at least, the view that some Americans, at the time when their country and countrymen needed them the most, responded courageously to tyranny and evil with personal determination and great sacrifice.

Collectively, we are brutally aware of the death of our once great Republic over the past few decades, slowly at first, and then with a swiftness that takes your breath away. We have seen a vital, productive, and unique culture raped, pillaged, and brutalized by the most traitorous group of government and business officials ever assembled. These blathering idiots have taken the nation from riches, glory, and moral leadership, to the depths of despair, poverty and lawlessness. Our nation has been used to kill and maim on a scale that deserves no justification or excuse. We continue to support evil regimes that keep the Mideast in turmoil and in suffering that knows no end.

After generations of resisting communism, we have allowed a socialist foreign national to become president. We have worshipped this false god in the White House and allowed him and his collaborators to steal our destiny with worthless trillions issued by organized crime banking families at the private Federal Reserve. As a result of Washington’s declaration of economic, political, cultural, and psychological war on the citizens of this nation, we all have to contemplate the words of our original Declaration of Independence, and what may have to be considered as our collective response to this outrageous and wholly unacceptable chain of events in our beloved land.

Let me be more specific. The events of the past six months have necessitated that we plan for immediate action against the maniacs running the government in Washington and a few of the states as well. As I see it, we have been forced to plan for any number of possibilities as a result of this theft of our Republic. The options are limited and fall into two categories of response.

The first is relatively peaceful and has some limited potential for success. It would include the reassertion of solid state sovereignty bills as have been introduced by at least 20 states (at this writing). Such a move would shut out the government’s attempts to force states to sign on to this socialist nonsense in the guise of “change” by comrade Obama. It would also recapture much lost ground in the battle to allow citizens and their respective states to plan for and pursue true Republic ideals. It would build a wall of separation from the power mad traitors in Washington that has not been present or workable since the early days of this nation. Lastly, it could diffuse any attempts by Washington to invade the states (remember 1861?) for daring to chart their own destiny. At that point, the criminal Obama, like the criminal Lincoln, would be facing an armed populace that would not be fighting over a contrived justification (black slavery), but would be in armed rebellion against the global elite’s well underway plan for national slavery. However, I believe that failing the efforts of the several states to “fight the government” through 10th amendment legislation, the second alternative would meet the test of our original Declaration of Independence.

In that regard, I believe that the time to “refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants” has arrived. This reality is no longer in doubt. It is not the wild ranting of a few paranoid gun nuts, either. Millions of citizens, police officers and military troops have been converted to the fact that our nation has succumbed to decades of treason and a sell-out to international conspiracies by our own government that has brought us to this moment. The people of the United States of America did not go out looking for trouble. They did not conspire to resist a central government so cold and intimidating as to rival the Third Reich, the Kremlin, Beijing, or Tel Aviv. Quite the contrary, Americans have endured—as our Declaration stated, “a long train of abuses…” that have delivered us to the doorstep of rebellion once again. When you are being victimized, bullied, forced into desperation by the acts of someone else, you are more than justified in resisting with all of your ability and with any weapon at your disposal for as long as it takes to win. Likewise, we must return this government to real benevolence and moral, legal authority under the constitution. It is as simple as that. We have the right, indeed the obligation to THROW OFF this government and to do so with no goal but that of absolute victory and vindication for true patriots who have faithfully stood guard over the founder’s precepts.

Others among us will have to be dealt with. Choices will have to be made by many. Changes will be reinstituted that reflect our nation’s moral absolutes as enacted by Christian men and women who will honor the precepts of a Godly national heritage. We have not been a “nation under God” for many generations. To claim God’s blessings while we scorn His righteous standards is the ultimate hypocrisy. The Pledge and one nation “under God,” or money with “In God we trust,” are all relics of a past we no longer occupy. Until we drastically change our hearts and lives, let’s not further erode our credibility with God, with each other or a watching world.

Read this most carefully. I do NOT advocate armed REBELLION. I DO advocate armed self-defense of our lives, families, homes, properties, assets, and a truly constitutionally lawful nation. I advocate an uncompromising demand of the federal government to relinquish their immoral and unlawful plan to bankrupt, destroy and condemn this nation to living as a P.O.W. of the New World Order. I further advocate complete defiance in the face of usurpers masquerading as legislators, who have stolen and robbed our nation through force, (unread and undisclosed law) by a completely corrupt and dangerous federal bureaucracy.

IF THE GOVERNMENT FAILS TO RESPOND OR DENIES OUR DEMANDS, THEN—-IT IS TIME TO FIGHT!! It is way past time to take our Republic back!! Whether you are part of a state militia, a minuteman type organization, a posse where called by courageous and constitutionally literate county sheriffs, or simply citizen soldiers who heed the call to defend the nation, you must answer the call to duty that has been sounded. Texas may be the first battleground state in this second war for independence. The all-out war that has erupted there pitting the Mexican police, Mexican nationals, and border residents in the states against the most ruthless gang of drug pirates and thugs to ever assemble is underway. The United States government has chosen to abandon its first obligation to the people, that is, the defense of the borders and security for its citizens. It is the chief reason government exists at all.

The ignorant and failed president George W. Bush let our borders languish for eight long years. The sex pervert Bill Clinton did the same for eight more years. CFR insider and CIA stooge George H.W. Bush did no better. They all did it because it was a planned conspiracy by the Globalists to merge our North American nations after destroying them from within. And now we have the savior of the socialist world, Barack (foreign born, one-world advocate, baby killing, terrorist coddling, black radical following, CFR team leader) Obama selling out not only our nation, but our borders as well. Since the lesbian witchcraft queen at the state department sold what was left of the USA to China, we have now been carefully positioned in the middle of the bull’s eye. Really, they have all made it much easier for us. As General Anthony McAuliffe said during WWII when cut off by the Germans. “Surrounded? Now I can fire in all directions at once.”

Who is the enemy? I’ll tell you again precisely who they are. It is any and every last person who advocates for one world rule. It is every last politician who has voted to bankrupt this nation “legally” through bailouts and sellouts across the board. It is also every last person in this country who has signed on to the support of socialism, or has profited from the financial ruin of hardworking citizens. It is the purveyor of drug smuggling, pornography, and the groups who justify lifestyle perversion. It is the thieving business owner and the pharmaceutical killers who have turned many of us into drug addicts. Further, it is the dumbed down public school teacher and corrupted lawyer, as well as the church leader who hasn’t opened a Bible or preached anything worthwhile in a decade. Lastly, it is any of the rest of us who have been too cowardly to do anything except complain, lie to others, and deceive ourselves into believing that the government is the answer for everything. It is time to draw those battle lines deep in the heart and soul of every patriotic American who will answer the call to now end the tyranny that has choked us for decades. So, you don’t like what I have said? Then you should know which side of the line you are on. Are you intellectually capable of understanding that we are in a state of war? Your job, your family, your home, your community, your nation and your ultimate destiny are on the line at this moment. Unless you are willing to change your attitudes, your allegiances, your lifestyle and your heart, you are a future casualty.

You will leave the rest of us, but that will be your choice. To stay behind and expect the rest of us to do your work while you support this criminal regime is the ultimate betrayal of your fellow citizens. To fight along side the Texans or other besieged Americans at the latest version of the Alamo is what it is all about. To take on the Global Elites and their ilk wherever they may be found is the most honorable thing we can do on behalf of our nation, at this appointed time in history. The time is now. The objective is clear. The way is most difficult. The goal is honorable and necessary. The alternative is unthinkable. Are you ready? Then take on the full armor of God. Steady……..FREEDOM!

© 2009 Greg Evensen – All Rights Reserved

In the few days since the launch of Sunlight’s Read The Bill campaign, over 2300 people have signed the petition demanding that Congress post bills online 72 hours before they are considered. That’s a lot of people who want to make sure Congress, and the public, have some time to read and consider important legislation. But that is not enough. At the end of the day, most people don’t know that lawmakers don’t read the bills they vote on and that’s where you come in. We need to show people the problem and our proposed solution. We need you to forward this email and help spread the word about the Read The Bill petition: http://readthebill.org/petition Watch this video and see members of Congress discuss how they don’t have enough time to Read The Bill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Rh1PJlx0Kk Pass this on to a friend. We need your help. It is ridiculous that members of Congress don’t read the legislation they pass, but with your help, we can tell Congress that we expect it to do its job. It is also a grave concern that laws are rammed through Congress without sufficient notice for public scrutiny and comment. The safeguard of “transparency in governance” is directly attacked by fast-tracking legislation without public notice. http://www.ReadTheBill.org/petition

Thank you for all that you do and helping us spread the word about Read The Bill. Ellen Miller Executive Director, Sunlight Foundation P.S. For more Read The Bill updates, join us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/readthebill) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Washington-DC/Sunlight-Foundation/6921874941). Glenn Beck is unveiling his We Surround Them program this Friday on his TV show on Fox. They are having these parties all over the country…..

Who owns you?

I recently asked a couple questions of a group of my friends that are helping figure this mess out.  Here is a question and answer that I thought you would be interested in.

How can it benefit a free person to tell his employees (the government) how much capital he was able to produce during the proceeding year?
It doesn’t. By definition, a slaveowner claims rights to the produce of any slave he owns.  The government claims rights to your wages. That makes you a slave, not a free person.  The government is no more your employee than any other criminal is the employee of his victim, or the slaveholder the employee of his slave.  Getting your resources from someone else, particularly when the source does it, not in return for your goods or services, but instead under threat of punishment, doesn’t make you an employee of the source – it makes you a criminal and the source a victim.   An employee can be fired.  A criminal who is victimizing you cannot.

We can fix this mess

You are each sovereign sentient human beings.

Stop asking permission to be alive.

Remember this, when you sign that tax form in a few weeks,

you will be voluntarily forfeiting your sovereignty to your slave master the Federal Government.

Please take this short quiz:

Do you want to own your life?                           YES                               NO

If you answered NO, stop here, unsubscribe, take the blue pill and go back to sleep.

Do you need to ask permission to be alive?           YES                                NO

If the answer is YES, then from who are you asking?

GOD                 Government                your Mom

If you answered government = (a small group of humans granted the extra right to use force to accomplish their goals, or a violent monopoly)

then you think this violent monopoly (government) knows more about your life than you do.       RIGHT          WRONG

If you answered RIGHT, then how do you know this violent monopoly won’t be bought out by humans that DO NOT have your wishes in mind when they decide what is best for you?

Have they been honest with you about how they are spending the fruits of your labor so far?

As long as the global elite (lobbyists) believe that the US Federal Government will be able to extort the fruits of our labor for generations to come, we loose.

If we can show the world we are not going to volunteer to support tyranny, then I believe, with all me heart, they will follow us into a new age of freedom for all mankind on this planet.

All Federal Government tax forms are voluntary contracts between you and a private corporation called US Federal Government.

By signing this contract you are agreeing to waive all criminal activity of your employee government and further accept their leadership in the coming year, regardless of their prior transgressions over the Constitution that is suppose to govern them.

What are you going to do about it?

Cower in fear of the violent monopoly and sign the contract to protect what little property you may have been able to acquire during your life as a free range slave?


Make a stand for freedom!

Defend the sovereign rights granted you by God not the government.

Commit to helping your neighbors,

Stop asking for handouts from the big table!

Never enter a plea before a judge until he accepts the constitution as evidence.

If he refuses, refuse to plea, he has no authority over you until you enter into a contractual relationship by pleading not guilty before his court!!

Contact your local chamber of commerce and start a local currency.

Show up to help your fellow man when the violent monopoly comes knocking.

Alone we are doomed, but together we CAN fix this mess!!


My daily promise

A work in progress, your comments are always welcome

Daily pledge:

As a sovereign sentient human being;

I recognize the higher power of god and his golden rule.

I promise to be responsible for myself and the consequences of all my actions.

I am not however responsible for the behavior or decisions of others.

I will honor all contracts that I have reviewed and approved of by my own signature.

I do not accept social contracts, or mandates forced upon me by illegitimate governments.

I promise to do all I can to help others who are trying to be responsible for themselves.

Government (def): A subset of a population within a geographical boundary with the authority to use force to achieve its goals. It is both violent and a monopoly by its very nature. Synonyms: Government = violent monopoly

Reasons for a Violent Monopoly:

To ensure everyone follows the golden rule.

To protect us from foreign invasion.

New laws only makes new criminals. The processing of which gives a large violent monopoly (government) a reason to grow even larger.

Mandates that need a violent monopoly (government) to enforce are fraudulent from their inception. Transparent disclosure of the issue at hand and allow me to make a responsible choice.

I am proud to be accepted as a Guardian

I have been working with an exciting group of informed individuals that are determined to restore constitutional law and order to the world.  This organization is called Coppercards. In coming posts I will be highlighting some of the incredible ideas and products that members will have access to.

Here is a breif introduction to this revolutionary  program:

Introduction To CopperCards


For many years now, those who have been paying attention, know that our Government and the leaders in our Government have been blatantly breaking the law of the land at all levels, in direct violation of their oaths of office.


Corruption is rampant and is at the point where these criminals are putting it right in our faces.  Our government is utterly out of control.  We need to act.


Considering the current situation in our Country, the Freedom Movement has grown rapidly in the last few years due to several reasons:

  1. The incredible capabilities of the Internet to provide vast amounts of information and communication that is easily and quickly accessible.
  2. Video documentaries such as “America: Freedom to Fascism”; “Fiat Empire”; “Terror Storm”; all the 911 videos; “EndGame”; G. Edward Griffin’s interview of Norman Dodd; the “Energy Non-Crisis” and many others.
  3. Ron Paul’s campaign for President.

Most people in the movement realize that we are in a severe Constitutional Crisis.  All levels of our governments are willfully disregarding our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Declaration of Independence.  Those in the movement know the facts about the Federal Reserve, Income Tax, Illegal Immigration, unlawful wars, violations of capstone tenets such as laws like Habeas Corpus, and the list goes on and on.  Due to our current Economic Crisis, those NOT in the know, are starting to ask serious questions.  They are ripe to learn and spread this knowledge, but we must go further.


It is time for a massive paradigm shift.  We have only been focusing on the problems and it’s time that we focus our energies on the solution.  The solution will not come through our elected politicians or through elections.  Sign waving and marches will not bring forth the solution.  The only way to resolve this Crisis in this country and worldwide is by “WE THE PEOPLE” and we will accomplish this through CopperCards.


CopperCards focuses on two primary goals:

  1. Providing Members with Tools to Enforce the Law

  2. Creating Communities That Stand Together to Enforce the Law.

We are focusing on fixing the U.S. by returning governance by the people and for the people at the County level.  It is relatively easy for an organized group of 100 to 500 individuals to focus on local public officials who do not obey their oaths of office.  We can easily do this; we can easily clean up our own Counties if we stand together.  Forget about Washington DC or and our State Capitals.  We must focus on our local judges, District Attorneys, Sheriffs, and other local officials.

CopperCards teaches our members how to utilize the law provided by the Constitution & Common Law.  Everything we do at CopperCards is in strict conformity with the law embodied in the Constitution & Common Law.

Our main products are called CopperCards.  CopperCards are simple sets of instructions placed on a small card to assist the member who finds themselves in various situations dealing with law enforcement, the courts, and our Governments officials.

For example, we will have cards that deal with:

  • Traffic tickets
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Tax Law
  • Real Estate & Land Title
  • Holding Government Officials Accountable
  • Recovery Lawsuits
  • Commercial Law
  • Health

These Cards are designed so that the average person can easily understand them.  Many other Cards will be developed as new issues arise.  And all our products will be continuously updated as our knowledge and success increases and to keep government in check.

In addition to the cards we provide a corresponding booklet that explains the issues and instructions on how to use the card.  We also provide boilerplate pleadings our members can utilize for court.

CopperCards creates local communities of up to 500 members.  Each community has a Guardian who is the point person for that community.  CopperCards Guardians are paid for their work, they are responsible for taking care of our members, providing educational seminars and group gatherings to create a cohesive community of people committed to each other and to enforce the law. 

Additional services we are developing for our members are our CopperCards Courts, where members and corporations can bring their problems for fair adjudication, without corrupt judges or systems that refuse to recognize the law.  The CopperCards Court will strictly follow the Constitution and Common Law.  However, we replace the concept of a trial by judge with non-binding mediation, and if that fails, trial by jury only.  The CopperCards Courts will utilize technology to make it easy for the parties and jurors to process the case.  Parties to the case submit their cases digitally into the system, so jurors are able to evaluate the arguments and deliberate in their own time.  Jurors don’t have to give up work time to take part and the CopperCards Court will also offer expert-juror options.

Perhaps one of the most critical services CopperCards is developing for members is the CopperCards Banking system.  Developed by InfoTelesys, the CopperCards Bank can transparently set aside the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and the problems the owners of the Fed caused the nation and world.  CopperCards Bank utilizes an interest-free and transaction-free currency called “Coppers”.  Coppers are 100% asset backed.  Unlike the Fed, the CopperCards Bank does not make money out of nothing and sell it back to the public plus interest.  Better still, the CopperCards Bank provides a trading infrastructure that will significantly boost the economy and allow people to instantly convert any type of asset into cash.  CopperCards Bank is a truly revolutionary system and process that can change the world.

A 119 service similar to 911 will be provided by CopperCards.  The 119 service alerts members to emergencies, including when a member is being assaulted by the government, bringing members to the aid of the caller.  The police tend to quickly behave when they are being video taped.  When the police know they will be prosecuted for breaking the law they quickly depart.  The CopperCards 119 service will provide significant relief for members who are facing the CPS, unlawful evictions, sheriffs, traffic stops and other emergencies.

CopperCards takes a strong non-violent stance and strict conformance to the Law embodied in the Constitution and Common Law.

Other services to be included that are now under development are Towing and discounted Bail Bonds.   In-Custody services for those incarcerated will be available for a nominal fee.  Many other services are being developed and will be made available down the road as our communities develop and the needs of the communities are further defined.

To close, we stand at the most crucial time in the history of mankind and we all have the most important decision to make in our lives.  Will we choose liberty or slavery?  It’s up to us individually to make that choice, just as the Founders of our Nation did.  We can either choose to continue down this dark road of tyranny, slavery and involuntary servitude, or we can join a CopperCards community, enforce the law and usher in the 2nd Renaissance.  And to quote from that soon to be famous speech by an unknown author titled, “A Hopi Elder Speaks”…“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!”

Here is a link to the membership application.  No one will call you accept me 🙂


Please put my name in both the Name of Coppercards Guardian and Name of Organization or Individual who referenced you to CopperCards.

If you do not live near me, I will find your closest guardian for your to work with.  If you are interested in becoming a guardian please contact me.