Friday 9 am – Congressional Hearing on HR1207 Audit the Fed bill

That will be 8 am in the Kansas City area.

I don’t know if CSPAN will be showing it live so I found this direct link to the hearing.


Join me and millions of concerned sovereign Americans as we expose the central bank for the lie that it is.

Now will come an age of transparency in all public affairs.

Pieces of the puzzle are falling into place

Last week I was introduced to the National Health Federation . I ordered their most recent book on CODEX and am already half way through it. I must say, it is very comforting knowing there are people out there that have been fighting for liberty for a long time. Thank you very much!!!

One thing keeps coming to my mind as I watch the current crisis unfold each day. The world has changed. All of the thrashing about of the old world powers are simply death throws. Just when these governments bent on creating a global central command get close to their objectives. Advances in person to person communications leapfrog their efforts to keep us ignorant and the world moves on without them.

Power is a hard thing to let go of, but it is too late. I am reminded of an an old saying, “In times of change, the experts and leaders find themselves well equipped to lead a world that no longer exists.”

Two events have lined up in the last few months that cannot be reversed:

1. Cell phones, text messaging, internet, www and other advances in personal communication have taken our blinders off. Corporate media has lost its power as more and more people turn them off.

2. The withdrawal of credit to the American people has reminded them that they really didn’t need it anyway.

The economy will recover when governments stop trying to manipulate the markets, and not before. Most likely the people will find a new economic model based on fair trade and bartering systems long before the authorities can “fix” the problems.