The FDA has gone rogue

If you haven’t heard, the FDA is trying very hard to limit your access to vitamins, herbs and natural health products.  Fortunately, thanks to your efforts we have delayed their assault on your freedom to choose your own methods for taking care of your health.  Unfortunately, this rogue government agency has renewed it’s efforts in the past couple of weeks.  In fact, as the linked article points out, the authors of the  Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), Senators Harkin and Hatch have tried to explain the intent of this law to the FDA, yet the FDA has decided to ignore the very authors of the law and continue their efforts to redefine it’s authority to pre-approve all natural products before they will be allowed to be sold in America.

Please read the short article and take actions steps to let Congress know you are watching this developing problem and insist they reign in this rogue agency.

Open House and important message from Dr. Mercola

I hope this message finds everyone well.

I am happy to announce my first open house in many years.

Wednesday September 21, 2011 starting at 6:30 pm

Are you having a hard time explaining to your friends why you feel so good?

Just bring em in and let me explain the joys of the chiropractic lifestyle.

I am working on some door prizes and other surprises, so call the office at 436-9355 and let them know you are coming!


Now, please watch Dr. Mercola as he raises a VERY IMPORTANT issue for anyone interested in keeping your access to natural foods and supplements.

The FDA is not following it’s mandate

Danger ahead — the nullification of the Congress

Danger ahead — the nullification of the Congress

By Norvell Rose

There hasn’t been so much heated discussion of “nullification” since the OJ trial. You remember that culture-clash moment in American Justice, don’t you? When OJ Simpson, the former NFL star turned actor, was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend? The 1995 courtroom spectacle in Los Angeles has been described as the most publicized criminal trial in American history. Its outcome — an acquittal in the face of reasonably damning evidence — has also been cited as one of the most glaring examples of a legal phenomenon known as “jury nullification.”

Put simply, jury nullification is the process whereby a jury in a criminal case effectively nullifies a law by acquitting a defendant regardless of the weight of evidence against him or her. It is the power of the panel to act in bold defiance of both law and fact, voting to set a defendant free, even if that person did run afoul of a particular criminal statute. In the OJ case, the sympathetic jury essentially poked a prominent finger in the eye of the system, giving their own peculiar twist to the term “blind justice.”

More recently, nullification of a different sort has been put on trial in the court of public opinion and pursued in the chambers of state legislatures across the country. This type of nullification is not an act of defiance, rather one of obedience — obedience to the Constitution of the United States and to the conscience of its determined protectors.

When a state nullifies a federal law, it does so with the solemn conviction that the law in question is unconstitutional. The state’s lawmakers, generally invoking their sovereign powers under the Tenth Amendment, are proclaiming that the offensive law is void and inoperative, or non-effective, within the boundaries of that state. In other words, they declare that the federal law is not “legal” and cannot be enforced against their citizens.

Such nullification has a long history in the American tradition. Of late it has been used by quite a few states in effectively blocking the federal Real ID Act of 2005 and resisting federal marijuana laws. With regard to healthcare legislation expected to be forced on us against our will by Washington, a number of states are already putting into motion the wheels of nullification. Legislation has been introduced, or state constitutional amendments put forth for 2010, that could effectively nullify national healthcare mandates within the borders of the various states.

What’s directly implied in such nullification laws is “interposition” (as referred to by James Madison in the Virginia Resolution of 1798). This is a bedrock principle supporting state sovereignty. According to this principle, state governments not only have the right to resist unconstitutional federal acts, but, in order to protect liberty, they are “duty bound to interpose” or stand between the federal government and the people of the state. To do less would be an unconscionable dereliction of civic duty and would jeopardize the standing of the state and the rights of its citizens.

Which introduction to nullification brings us now to the sharp point of this piece — the looming danger we face from the impending nullification of the Congress of the United States.

It is a charge that, until recently, would seem too outrageous even to consider. But given the extreme, purposeful and concerted misdeeds, destructive acts and examples of egregious malfeasance by official Washington, it is a charge that cries out to be aired.

The Obama Administration and its either willing or unwitting co-conspirators on Capitol Hill (I would bet heavily on “willing”) are, without a doubt, scheming to undermine our cherished Constitutional system of checks and balances. They are conspiring to cause future elections of our U.S. Senators and Representatives to be effectively “null and void” in their legislative impact. After all, in their radical leftist construct for government “rule,” why should the “rulers” have to bother with that pesky, problematic, unpredictable Congress? This would, indeed, be “fundamental change,” wouldn’t it? And if the Obamacratic oligarchists succeed in this subversion — one that would tragically be “historic and unprecedented” (to borrow again from Mr. Obama’s lofty language) — it will matter little how federal elections turn out in 2010…or in any year beyond.

Alarmist, am I? Cuckoo escaped from the cage, you say? Consider this: Every major move, initiative, proposal or policy of the Obama White House and its willing enablers down the street in DC has, at its dark heart, a pernicious power grab or power shift. The intent? To restructure the balance of power into the hands of an almighty Executive. The evidence?

Healthcare. Use empty promises, corrupt bargains, secret negotiations … ignore the clear and consistent will of the people … create some horrendous, freak show of a bill built in haste for partisan political purposes … ram it, cram it, jam it through in a “crisis” atmosphere … grab untold power for a vast new bureaucracy, as well as for the IRS as “enforcer” … and … Congress is then pretty much out of play because this voracious monster will be able to feed at will and grow willy-nilly without restraint.

Stimulus. Shifting control of massive spending, with its attendant employment design capability, from the Legislative to the Executive Branch, with the Treasury Department now fairly well in charge of Uncle Sam’s checkbook and credit card.

Bailouts. From banking to energy to transportation, critical decisions about money and management are being effectively maneuvered into the hands of the President and his inner circle, including select corporate chieftans and union bosses.

Taxes. Why mess around with contentious legislation when the same effect can be achieved — gaining greater control over Americans’ money — by using assumed Executive power to directly or indirectly impose fees, levies, fines and surcharges?

Environment. Shift ever-greater command and control to Executive-branch agencies, e.g. the impudent EPA, usurping the constitutional authority of the Congress, which is forever diminished.

Czars. Well, do we really need to review how these powerful presidential appointments — dozens of liberal loose cannons — skirt meaningful Legislative-branch advice, consent and oversight?

And on and on the sad story goes. A story whose ending could well mark the end of Congress as a body with any real power and authority. Too many in Congress have, for far too long, been complacent or complicit in this crime.

Understanding this in-our-face attempt to disrupt and dismantle our system of government helps to explain why the President and the Democrat leadership turn an increasingly deaf ear to the complaints of the voters. Those complaints, according to their scheme, will soon be rendered moot, mere background noise. They know our best, most immediate course of action against the Obamacrats attempted coup is to “throw the bums out” in November. But if the biggest and baddest of the bums can pull off their power play, our voting a new team onto the political field in Washington will have little impact on changing the outcome of the liberals’ endgame.

The alarming evidence of the Administration’s purposeful attempt to pry more and more authority from the Congress is stark and overwhelming. The arguments demonstrating the President’s plan to amass and consolidate government power under his far-reaching control are clear and compelling. The Congress — the most direct reach of the people into the Washington political machine — is being systematically neutered. Nullification of this once-great legislative body is fully underway.

We can only hope that We the People — the jury in this felony case — will rise up and deliver an unflinching verdict based on the law of the land and the Constitutional foundations upon which it rightly rests. This must be a verdict that will render swift and sure punishment to those offenders who are trying to get away with the Constitutional crime of the century. The strength of our demand that this grand larceny stop, and stop right now, will determine whether We the Jury — We the Voters — are, ourselves, nullified.

As to whether this justice is forthcoming, history will be the judge.

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Pulse of Health Freedom - May 19, 2009

FDA Calls Cheerios an "Unapproved Drug"

The Food and Drug Administration learned that General Mills claimed on
its cereal box that Cheerios can help lower cholesterol, and said on
their website that "diets rich in whole grain foods can reduce
the risk of heart disease." So they declared that Cheerios is
now an unapproved drug, and must go through FDA new drug approval

AAHF Asks Senate Finance Committee to Make Privacy, Transparency, and
Independent Research High Priorities in the New Healthcare Plan

Last week, AAHF contacted the Senate Finance Committee, which is
working on proposals to improve patient care and reduce healthcare
costs. We asked them to ensure that patient participation in the
electronic health records database be strictly voluntary, that
healthcare planning decisions are not made by people with conflicts of
interest, and that comparative effectiveness research include
integrative and alternative therapies.

Why Is FDA Protecting the BPA Lobby?

As we have reported previously, bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical in the
packaging or contents of many products, may cause cancers,
reproductive defects, diabetes, ADD, asthma, and autism. Now emails
obtained by the (Milwaukee, WI) Journal Sentinel show that the FDA
sought information from the BPA industry's chief lobbyist to discredit
a Japanese study that found it caused miscarriages in workers who were
exposed to it. These emails show a pattern of preferential treatment
over the past nine years that was not afforded to independent

Minnesota Court Orders Chemotherapy for 13-Year-Old

In an update to an article we published last week, a judge has ruled
that Daniel Hauser, a 13-year-old boy from Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, must
receive conventional medical treatment for Hodgkin's
lymphoma--over his parents' objections. The Hausers, who
live on a dairy farm, prefer natural medicines and alternative
treatments for illnesses.

Senate HELP Committee Approves Margaret Hamburg as New FDA

In the wake of FDA animosity against supplements and scientific
openness, the Senate HELP Committee has approved President
Obama's nomination of Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg, a former New York
City health commissioner, as the next commissioner of the Food and
Drug Administration. The approval process now moves to the full


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•    The FDA was the country’s largest law enforcement agency.

•    Conventional wisdom at the FDA, in many political circles, and in orthodox medicine was that the use of dietary supplements was quackery.

•    The FDA’s ally, the Federal Trade Commission, tried to ban the words, “natural,” “organic” and “health food” from the marketplace.

•    Among guns, cigarettes, booze and vitamins, only vitamins were illegal.

And then along came the courage of natural health retailers and natural healthcare providers. This joined the power of natural health consumers.  Laws were passed, including the Dietary Supplement, Health and Education Act (DSHEA) in 1994, and things changed.  And though there has always been more work to be done, we’ve enjoyed freer access to dietary supplements, to natural health products and services, and a freer exchange of natural health information.

But Still . . .

•    The American Medical Association claims that a majority of Americans want more government regulation of dietary supplements and natural health care.

•    A number of key senators have criticized DSHEA, either because its badly written, or it’s been exploited by the supplement industry, or its been mismanaged by the FDA, or all of the above.  One House Representative, John Dingle from Michigan, has called for repeal of DSHEA altogether.

•    Others who have expressed criticism about DSHEA and its implementation include Sen. John McCain on the one hand, and Sen. Richard Durbin on the other hand, who is a close ally and advisor of Sen. Obama’s.

•    Influential lobbyists are working to require pre-market approval for dietary supplements, so that they will be regulated more like drugs.

•    The pressure to increase regulation of dietary supplements in the U.S. is coming from not just within our borders, but also from other countries where access to natural dietary supplements is more limited.


If you’re like those of us behind the scenes here at CFH – ardent supporters of natural health – you may find yourself shaking your head when the subject of healthcare reform comes up in the election debates and policy discussions.  What these folks are talking about is not healthcare reform.  What they’re talking about is health insurance reform – the finance and administration of the “sick care” system.

A real discussion about healthcare reform isn’t going to take place until natural health is included as part of the discussion.  And natural health has got to be a major part of the discussion at that, rather than referred to as a marginalized “alternative.”  All the information we see today about natural health – wellness & lifestyle practices, dietary supplements and autonomous healing methods – is just the beginning.  It’s no time to turn back!

What’s the big deal?

Do you hear the candidates talking about natural health, about the FDA or DSHEA, or about the legislation on dietary supplements that’s now pending before Congress?  From any of the candidates, presidential, federal or local?

We don’t.  And we think that could be a big problem.

Did you know that in all likelihood more than half of those in Congress who passed DSHEA in 1994 will no longer be in Congress after this election?

Did you know that there is legislation pending now before Congress that will affect how DSHEA will work in the future?  Some of that legislation is helpful.  Some of it won’t be. Did you know that there will be a major focus on food safety in the next Congress that could be used to rollback natural health rights?  Did you know that the next president and his allies will appoint the next FDA Commissioner?

Did you know that by many estimates the FDA regulates about 35% of the gross national product, between food, drugs and medical devices ranging from x-ray machines to bathroom scales?  That’s 1/3rd of every dollar we spend, regulated by the FDA!  This figure dwarfs the financial bailout.

How much of this are you willing to leave to chance, or worse, to the intentions of others?

We’ve got to be prepared

We know it’s late in the game, and these upcoming elections are not apt to be won or lost on the natural health issues – at least not this time.  Nevertheless, the candidates are more transparent now than they’re going to be after the elections.  So it’s a great time to do some homework and then really get prepared for action in the coming months.

The Next Steps

Over the next ten days, we’ll be sharing information about the presidential candidates’ positions on issues related to natural health.  This is information that hasn’t been evident in the media. We’ll also share information about what’s happening on the Congressional level, along with some tools you can use to research how natural health issues are playing out in your local elections.  We’ll give you information about the legislative committees and caucuses in Washington D.C. that are worthy of close attention.  And we’ll highlight the probable changes that will be coming at us soon after the elections are over.

So get ready to self-educate and prepare for the challenge ahead.   Stay with us, and invite your friends and colleagues into the coming dialogue by encouraging them to join Citizens For Health today.

FDA is at war with natural cancer cures, not cancer

Headline: FDA warns about fraudulent cancer treatments The Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on teas, supplements, creams and other products that falsely claim to cure, treat or prevent cancer even though they are not agency-approved drugs.

Why shouldn’t I be free to decide what is real or fraudulent when it comes to the treatment of cancer, much less its cure? Why shouldn’t you? This is where we have irrefutable evidence of the current slave-state mentality of my fellow countrymen, the people of the united States. How could a “free” people tolerate governmental and corporate interference in the care of their bodies at all? Perhaps fluoride has clouded our judgment. Why else would we believe that the FDA is really about our protection? Especially from some leaves that might cure cancer. Maybe we should dump all of our anti-cancer tea in the Boston Harbor. How about some Selenium as well?

It is a disgusting outrage and an embarrassment that a free people would tolerate such restrictions when it comes to the care of their health. How do you defend the FDA’s war on natural cancer therapies? Is it really “fraud” to heal cancer without FDA approval? No. The real fraud is the claim that the FDA could protect us from fraud. They encourage it. They allow it. They subsidize it pharmaceutically. What would you call the monopoly practice of oncology and its barbaric treatments?

Cancer is not caused by a lack of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. But it may very well be caused by a lack of that which the FDA claims is fraudulent. More people die of the treatment for cancer than cancer itself. More people die each year from FDA approved substances than have died from ingesting natural medicinal substances since the dawn of these united States of America (I am not including mercury here, even though, technically, it’s natural). It’s strange that when allopathic medicine uses a substance from nature, it’s not only toxic, but unlike the homeopaths, they use it in a toxic dose.

In the private sector, if any company had a track record even 1/10 as bad as FDA and the drug industry they “regulate,” it would have been bankrupted within a year and its executives brought up on criminal charges. Instead of Nixon’s perpetual War on Cancer, we now have the pharmaceutical industrial complex’s war on natural cancer treatments. This is made possible only because of the monopoly status granted allopathic medicine by government despite the prohibition against granting titles of nobility. Read the Constitution for goodness sake. It is, in actuality, the responsibility of the People to hold public servants to their oath of office, but too many of them are under the influence of all that is approved by government. If “we the people” remain addicted to FDA approved drugs, it may be a conflict of interest that our republic cannot Bayer.

Does government do anything right? How about the War on Illicit Drugs? Surely that is justified because they are more dangerous than the FDA approved variety. Aren’t they? Just wait ’til you read my next blog entry…


FDA performs an about face on Mercury Fillings

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally admitted that metal dental fillings containing mercury can cause health problems in pregnant women, children and fetuses.

As part of the settlement of a lawsuit filed by several consumer advocacy groups, the FDA agreed to alert consumers about the potential risks on its Web site and to issue a more specific rule next year for fillings that contain mercury.

The FDA’s Web site now states that: “Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses.”

Charles Brown, a lawyer for advocacy group Consumers for Dental Choice, said the agency’s move represented an about-face. According to Brown, “Gone, gone, gone are all of FDA’s claims that no science exists that amalgam is unsafe … The impact of the re-writing of its position on amalgam can hardly be understated. FDA’s website will no longer be cited by the American Dental Association in public hearings.”

Fosomax has been shown to cause strokes

Women who have used Fosamax are nearly twice as likely to develop atrial fibrillation (quivering of your heart’s upper chambers), which is the most common kind of chronically irregular heartbeat.

Fosamax is the most widely used drug treatment for the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis. The FDA approved the first generic version (called alendronate) in February.

The drug was associated with an 86 percent higher risk of atrial fibrillation compared with never having used the drug. Atrial fibrillation can cause palpitations, fainting, fatigue, or congestive heart failure. They can also lead to embolic strokes.