Prescribing Trends: Not a Pretty Picture

There are safe, cheap effective alternatives for all chronic conditions people suffer with. We need to split modern medicine into two parts.

The American ER is top notch. 

Prescribing patented chemicals to suppress the symptoms of chronic decay is not you best option. Ask me for details.

“Spending on prescription drugs in the Unites States has risen nearly 6-fold since 1990, reflecting substantial increases in treatment of chronic conditions and subsequent polypharmacy. As many as 45% of Americans have at least 1 diagnosed chronic condition, and 60% of the most prescribed medications were for hypertension, high cholesterol levels and diabetes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 11% of the US population and 40% of people older than age 60 take 5 medications or more.”


Prescribing Trends: Not a Pretty Picture.

Disease care makes more disease

We are currently spending 1.3 trillion dollars a year in this country treating sickness, disease, and pain.  As we enter the age of attention it becomes clear that all of this heroic effort and investment is simply creating more sickness, disease and pain.  What we focus our collective thoughts upon will soon become reality. (More of the same)

I challenge each of you from this day forward to change your thinking away from the fear of “what could be wrong with me” over to the joyful understanding that each moment in your life is a precious coin that cannot be saved, but must be spent with enthusiasm and zeal.

Your body and its complaints can be a prison, complete with ball and chain, preventing you from fulfilling your dreams or even getting out of bed.  The pain of an injury can become hard wired in your brain by repeated restimulation.  This wire can make you suffer long after the tissues have healed.  Here is the solution:

Challenge every behavior you have, every sensation from your body, every feeling, every beleif you carry.  Ask yourself one simple question.  Why?  Why is this happening to me?  Why do I always do that? Why does that make me feel sad?  Why does that make me smile?

There are only two answers. 

  1. Your behavior is simply an old well worn electrical pattern in your brain that may have been successful sometime in the past.  A comfortable rut that is hard to get out of.  A beleif you hold only because of fear of judgement by the stagnant majority.
  2. You are making a real time conscious choice to behave in a way that coincides with your vision of success and happiness for you and your family.

Leave nothing untested.  This will uncover all the things you do not like about yourself.  Each time you discover a thought or behavior that gives you the feelings of guilt, pain or fear, recognize this as simply an old no longer useful brain wire and then consciously replace it with a thought or behavior that you purposefully do with the specific outcome in mind of bringing more joy, happiness and hope into the world.  You will have to do this repeatedly with love and patiences.  In this way you begin the internal changes that will restore youthful health and vigor into your life and you will become a beacon for those around you who are not yet enlightened to this truth.

So how can you be sure that when something feels right it truely is?  Here is a blueprint to hold all decisions and activities up against to erase all apprehensions.

Each activity should promote or at least not reduce all of the following things.

  1. Yourself
  2. Your immediate family
  3. Your freinds and colleagues
  4. Mankind and the environment
  5. God

When an activity can support each of these aspects of your life, or at least does not detract from any of them you can be confident that you are on the right path.  Each of these should be in equal priority to you.

More later, thanks for your attention,