Do we live in a Democracy?

I was reading my daughter’s homework the other night.  She was studying the constitution and American government.  Well, if you have been watching my blog you know I’m kinda into that right now.

Anyway, I went through her vocabulary words which included, democracy, constitution, congress, president, supreme court, etc.  There was one word glaringly missing.  The word republic was never mentioned anywhere in the 6 page long study guide.

Please use this as a trivia question around the water cooler or over a beer, “What kind of government do we have in America?”  Well, you answer the question.  Did you say Democracy?  If you did, you are not alone.  You also are not correct.

Your education, like my daughter’s has mislead you to believe we live in a democracy, when in fact, our founding father’s were much smarter than that.  They created a Republic for us.

I called the teacher and asked her about this omission.  She agreed but after 32 years of teaching never really thought about it.  She then asked me to come to school and speak with the children about this.

I LOVE talking to groups and jumped on this chance.  Here is how I explained it to a room full of 4th graders.  If you have a better way to explain it please comment.

I wrote                                       Monarchy            Democracy            Republic

Then I asked, Does anyone know what Monarchy means?

It means you have a king.  The king owns everything including you.  You
can’t do anything without asking permission.

Then I asked, “What is a Democracy?”  They have been taught “For the people, by the people.”

That is correct, I said, then I wrote 50% up on the board under democracy and say,
“the majority rules.”  Then I point out the red head in the class, and ask for a vote.  Everyone raise
your hand if you agree all people with red hair have to clean the chalk
board everyday.

You see, in a democracy you can do very unfair things as long as more than
half of you agree to it.  That really isn’t fair is it?  NO

Now, what is a republic?  My daughter was in the room so she said, “the rule
of law”  I imagine most of the time no one will know what it means.

Explain “the rule of law”.  In our country it is the constitution.  The
Constitution explains a set of laws that everyone must follow including the
president.  The rule of law applies to everyone.  Anytime you try to pass a
law that is not fair, then that would be against the law and would be thrown out by the supreme court.

I went on to ask, does the bill of rights give you your rights?  YES…

NO it doesn’t give you your rights, you are born with your rights, the bill of
rights only wrote it down as a part of the law of the land.

What do you think?  Does this get the point across that we do not, nor do we want to live in a Democracy?

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