Cycle of Civilization

This is from a history book used in the Christian Liberty Academy home study/school program:

Civilizations have always progressed through the following sequence:

1. From bondage to spiritual faith
2. From spiritual faith to great courage
3. From courage to liberty
4. From liberty to abundance
5. From abundance to complacency
6. From complacency to apathy
7. From apathy to dependence
8. From dependence back into bondage

If the Declaration of Independence and resulting reveloution some 200+ years ago represented point 2 and 3, then where do you think we are now? Have we not had abundance? Could we still be at that point? Given the fact that household savings rates are negative, much of everything has been bought on debt, and our money has been devalued by a private bank issuing more and more fiat currency to bring up prices of things like homes, we must assume we have reached a point marked by either level 5 or 6. The recent bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is just one event in many pointing more towards level 6. We hear people all the time asking what the government is going to do about this problem or that one. We even subsidize business these days! But when you bring this up in conversation, you might hear something like ‘well, I know, but now that we are here we have to work with this system’, or ‘the population of the world has grown so much…..’ This points more towards level 7! Many administrations, working with advisors from groups like the CFR have worked to build and strengthen international unelected bodies. In so doing, they are building the foundations for world government as is warned about in the book of Revelation.

Wake up and turn away from the complacency towards your elected servants who work against our Constitution and the liberty it is meant to protect. Fight back the apathy that tells you there is nothing you can do about it. Gain courage through your spiritual faith and work towards liberty and abundance!

Dancing on the 5th Dimension

So here we are, riding a small rocky planet as it spins through the first four dimensions of height, length, width and duration.  From our perspective we look back down the path we have traveled in the 4th deminsion of time and it appears to be a straight line.

But, turn your attention to the future and you can immediately appreciate the 5th deminsion of infinite outcomes from a known start.  The known start is right here, right now.  What happens next is entirely up to our thoughts, momentum from prior actions and the thoughts of other humans around us.

Every thought, beleif, or behavior that you have can be easily divided into two catagories:

  1. Willful act to increase or decrease the quality of life for you and others, or
  2. An old habit, a barely conscience action that comes with truck loads of built in excuses and explanations.

It is time that we all begin to challenge everything.  Is that belief really improving my pursuit of happiness?  Does this behavior make me feel guilty, fearful, selfish, or angry?  Am I really happy?

Only you will know the answer to these questions.   Learn to trust your feelings.  You see your brain has two halves.  The logical half that must make sense out of every experience and the intuitive half that does not need to judge everything, and allows things to co-exist that would make the logical side scream!  Your western training has taught you that your imagination is not real.  Now we know, that was not true.  As far as your reality is concerned it is real if you beleive it is real no matter where it came from, your eyes or your imagination.  Your feelings are your connection with what is right and wrong.  If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it until you investigate the topic further.  More information will allow you to make a more informed decisions.

Bottom line, each of us must have the courage to take responsibility for our sphere of infuence.  I have been taught to lead by example, there are no excuses, or any reason for guilt.  Do what feels right, and don’t do what feels wrong and together we will make the world a better place for our children.