Thoughts on Equality

I so look forward to getting to work each morning. I revel in the opportunity to help people recover from serious health problems.

My thoughts this morning are again on equality. Can two individual human beings be equal? I like to split the human experience into four parts. Which of these parts can be brought to equal across a group of people?

Time (24 hours/day)                    – Time (24 hours/day)
Talent (10,000 different skills)   – Talent (different cluster of natural skills)
Training (compounds over time) – Training – (different paths lead to different places)
Treasure (hand-me-downs)         – Treasure (more debt than treasure)
Success (fulfilled and generous)    -Failure (fearful and dangerous)

These factors carry varying weight and can shift as time passes.

Notice the only part of this equation that is actually equal on both sides is time.

Time is where we are equal.

What we each do with our time as it passes creates separation or understanding between us. Then the beat goes on….  Each pulse we all loose time, gain experience, face challenges, and live on.

One thought on “Thoughts on Equality

  1. I realy appriciate Christina’s call yesterday….talk about perfect timing….about an hour after her call I received info on the MRI I had the day before….stynosis(?), and some buldge in several discs….hummmm…not too sure I believe everything they say…..when I go in for my consult to decide what I should do next….I would like to schedule a session with you Dr D….to haveyou look at the MRI and suggest how YOU THINK I should proceed. I certainly trust your approach more than ‘theirs’….I am looking at inversion tables on Craig’s List….thinking that would help….’they’ are talking about pain management.. and I do not want to depend on meds…so going to try a more natural approach first. Talk with you soon….have a good weekend you two! Pam.


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