20 year of service!

So, next Monday November 19th, 2012 will mark two important anniversaries for me.

First, that is my 50th Birthday. yea!!

But more important for me, it represents 20 years of service to my community as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

I couldn’t begin to tell all the miracles I have witnessed, children I have watched grow up, parents becoming grand parents, on and on.  So many people have shared their lives with me over the years I reflect with pride and wonder at my great fortune.

Anyway, I will be seeing patients all day and would love to see you!  Please help me start my second 20 years with a huge day.  My goal is to treat 50 patients on my 50th birthday.  Please call Christina at 816-436-9355 to be a part of this special day.

One thought on “20 year of service!

  1. CONGRATS on all fronts. I don’t believe your are 50…just saying :o) You really don’t look that at all. I will not try to come on monday, here’s hoping you have a huge day….but I will be in….I know it is not healthy but would you eat cookies if I bring them in? An update with my ‘back’….pain is getting worse…I went to Dr T. Chapman as my reg. doctor…he took some exrays…didn’t see a problem….but scheduled me for physical therapy (I know that is how the ‘system’ works.) She immediately said one hip was a lot higher than the other so I am to do simple excercises of hiking my right hip up for 10 times and then after putting my right shoe on, lowering my left leg to the floor…sounds too good to be true….but I am hopeful. I simply don’t have the issues that would indicate disc issues or arthritis etc….we shall see….BUTTTTTTT I might want to schedule a consult with you if it still doesn’t get better….I WILL NOT do the shots or surgery…I believe a natural healing is possible. I also will not get hung up with the pain med nightmare. I will live with the pain before doing that. I feel very weak depending on sleep meds…I will not add any other ‘monkey’ to the list. I miss visiting with you and Christina…you have such a wonderful feel in your office. Again, congrats on your 20 years….that is wonderful! Pam


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