Please help my good friend Tracy Ward in her quest to clean up city hall.

Dear Kansas City voters,
My name is Tracy Ward and I would like to ask for your vote tomorrow, Tuesday, March 22nd, in the race for City Council 6th District at Large.
As an informed voter, I know you do not make your decision rashly, and that’s why I want to take just a moment to outline why I am the best choice on election day.
It’s YOUR interests that are at stake in choosing representation at City Hall, and I’m convinced that I am the clear choice for seeing that happen.
I believe that the most important function of city government is to insure that essential services- infrastructure, police/fire, and snow removal, among others – are handled efficiently.
My objective is to focus on these essential services and to root out corruption and waste in our system.  For too long, our city has been controlled by private developers and special interests whose only desire is to gain taxpayer money in order to pursue boondoggle development projects.  They are the same ones who scream loudest, and wildly spin scare tactics, when serious discussion of budget cuts arise. I assure you, the conversation is healthy, and necessary, and WILL NOT have any affect on your safety. Instead, the only affect will be a more efficient local government and savings to your pocketbook.
I hope you’ll join me in my mission to improve our City.  THANK YOU for your vote!  Tracy Ward for City Council, 6th District at Large.
Much love and liberty,
Tracy Ward


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