5 thoughts on “wiki leaks exposes Monsanto’s use of U.S. Government for its own advantage

  1. now i know why more and more children got AUTISM. may

    be their mothers eat the food which is danger for

    environment and HEALTH, too.

  2. These bio tech people are the root of all evil in the on going fight to produce the super plant! did you know that Mansanto has been splicing Frog DNA into the citrus to protect it from freezing and of course they don’t have to tell you b/c the EPA=FDA are bought out by Mansanto $$$$ right now they are lobbying the house to pass their reckless testing with zero regards to the human reaction to their chemicals! GMO is not the answer guys… the problem is they put all their energy into killing rootworms and such predators with pesticides and all the while their killing us the consumers with the same bio crap… why do you think there is a huge problem with autism, cancer and other medical issues with people today? oh call me crazy but I’m growing my own food before Mansanto lobbys against you doing that and guess what? Mansanto has already begun to do just that! In my opinion you are the root of the problem Mansanto! we need to pull them out of the ground of society

  3. Its called an exceptable level of pesticides that can be ingested by the human body with none or no effects to the normal fucntion of our DNA-human body!
    Really? I happen to believe as well as Millions of other people believe that we should have the right to know wtf your splicing into my foods especially corn and grains! you know? seeing that everything has corn sugar high furctose corn sugar corn meal and grains as a huge part of our everyday foods Mansanto and other companies like that should be ashamed of themselves as it seems to me that making a profit is more important than the lives these pesticides will destroy! shame on you all… I believe this is the end of Mansanto and all other companies like them

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