Please join me in Jefferson City, Wednesday January 5, 2011


Let me know if you need a ride.

Over the past 2 years,  we have made a major impact on the political landscape.   Last summer, thousands signed our petition for Prop C asserting Missouri’s citizens rights under the 10th amendment. Prop C passed by 71% pushing back Obamacare and fueling the nationwide uprising that led to the historic election on November 2, 2010.


Hundreds more signed the Missouri Leadership Project petition calling for fair leadership in the Missouri Senate.  The 2011 Missouri General Assembly and their new leadership will be sworn in on January 5.

Please join us in welcoming them at
The Consent of the Governed Rally
Rotunda of the Missouri Capital on January 5


The goals of the rally are simple and sincere: To celebrate a revival of political concern and involvement among Missouri citizens, rejoice in the victories we have witnessed in 2010, welcome and encourage our incoming freshmen representatives, highlight strategic legislation for the coming session, and commit ourselves to working with our elected officials for the good of our state.


As we welcome the freshmen legislators, we will remind them and the veteran lawmakers alike that they are there at the Consent of the Governed.


We want them to know that we will be involved; we will be watching; and we will be a resource for those who seek to promote greater liberty and prosperity.


In short, we want to tell them, “We’re from the People and we’re here to help!”


The Missouri Leadership Project is a cooperative effort of dozens of independent Missouri patriot groups, including Campaign for Liberty, who are not bound by organization, but rather by the common desire to empower average citizens to influence the legislative process. Although the many groups may focus on different issues, they all realize that ensconced power often will squeeze the people out of the process.


For that reason, the Leadership Project, as a collaboration of independent groups, seeks fair and open debate in the legislative process.


This is your personal invitation,
however the rally is for all Missouri patriots,
so please invite your friends.


The rally begins at 10:00 am on January 5 and continues until 11:30. The program will highlight key conservative issues presented by several Missouri patriots. Some of the speakers are:


Rep. Ed Emery, Keynote Speaker

Dave Roland
David Linton
Steve Rupp
Bev Ehlen
Mitch Hubbard
Bev Martin
Carl Bearden



Rally attendees will receive a legislative packet. Starting at 9:30 am we will help you find the names of your legislators and directions to their offices. I encourage you to go meet them and let them know you are watching their votes this year. Dress professionally and be respectful. I hope you leave the capital knowing your legislator’s names.  By the end of the session in May, I hope your legislators know your name and the issues that are important to you.


2011 and 2012 present a unique time in history.

We have the opportunity to
re-define the proper role of government.


I believe 2011 and 2012 will be the greatest opportunity in our lifetime to actually shrink government,reduce regulations, and get government out of people’s lives.


The key to our success
is your involvement over the next 2 years.



Campaign for Liberty will be actively involved in several Missouri legislative issues this session. We will keep you informed via email and our website;   Missouri Campaign for Liberty


Please share this message with your contact list and invite other groups to participate. We want to help start the new legislative session with a strong message of unity and support for the cause of liberty.



Paul Hamby

Maysville Missouri


Sponsors of Consent of the Governed Rally
(the list is growing daily)

Franklin County Patriots Missouri Campaign for Liberty Missouri First
Concerned Women for America Jefferson County Tea Party Sullivan 9/12
Missouri Sovereignty Project Crawford County Campaign for Liberty Warren County Patriots
Branson Tea Party Coalition Eureka Tea Party Lebanon Tea Party
Mid-MO Patriots K&N Patriots Buffalo Tea Party
Capitol Tea Party Patriots Show Me Tea Central Camdenton Tea Party
Lake Area Conservative Club Callaway Tea Party Mexico Tea Party
Sikeston Tea Party We the People of St. Francois  County


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