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There is an awesome way to clean up the air your family breaths!  Listen in to my radio show Minutes to Memories on Friday November 12, 2010 at 6 pm to find out more.


Government Agencies Rate Indoor Air Pollution as the Nation’s Biggest Problem

Indoor Air Pollutants


Did you know?? 42,000 dust mites can live in only one ounce of dust!! Forty pounds of dust can be generated per year per 1500 square feet of space, hosting 15 species of dust mites.

Airborne fragments cause eye irritation, allergies, eye, ear, nose and throat infections, asthma attacks, fatigue and depression.


Did you know??  Bacteria are found in your heating and cooling systems, house pets, garbage, bathrooms, and in fact just about everywhere in your home.

Causes colds, flu, respiratory infections, eye irritations, etc.


Did you know??  Mold spores are found in your heating and cooling systems, in damp clothing, cleaning materials, the moisture in your ceilings, walls, carpets, drapes, etc.

Causes allergies, sinus headaches, irritability, fatigue, and depression

Other pollutants, Their Sources and Symptoms


Benzene, Ammonia, Chloroform, Formaldehyde, Benzopyrene, Hydrocarbons, Trichloroethylene, Carbon Tetrachloride


Paint, new carpet, new drapes, upholstery, tobacco smoke, cleaning supplies, new carpet, new drapes, upholstery, plywood cabinets, furniture, particle board, office dividers, wallpaper, paneling, gas burners, furnaces, cleaning supplies


Headaches, fatigue, cancer, nose-bleeds, sinus problems, asthma attacks, dizziness, eye and skin irritation, drowsiness, respiratory problems, memory loss, depression, gynecological problems, lung cancer, nausea, dizziness, and breathing difficulties.

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