Institutional double speak on vaccines

Here is a perfect example of double speak regarding vaccines.

Health care: You don’t get what you pay for


“First-time drop in children’s vaccination rates. The report also showed a first-time decline — about four percentage points — in childhood vaccination rates among enrollees of commercial plans.

“This was a sobering and surprising finding,” said Pawlson. “We’ve never seen this downward trend before in commercial plans other than when there are vaccine shortages.”

At the same time, childhood vaccination rates increased by almost three percentage points among Medicaid enrollees.

Pawlson said medical experts explain that failure to vaccinate children is typically associated with lower-income families. However, the recent trend in delaying or refusal to vaccinate children is becoming more common among higher-income and higher-educated households.

The report said media reports and activist efforts in recent years speculating on a “discredited” link between vaccines and autism could be one plausible reason for the decline in vaccination rates in 2009.

Pawlson said the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is concerned that this downward trend could result in viral disease outbreaks, especially among children in lower-income populations.”


Notice it said medicaid, or lower income people had increased compliance with vaccines, then says a reduced compliance of more educated people could result in viral disease outbreaks, especially among children in the lower-income population.

huh?  If there are outbreaks it will be due to poor hygiene and nutritional standards for the lower income.




One thought on “Institutional double speak on vaccines

  1. The question I have is not about the link between vaccines and autism, but if they were ever more than a well marketed scheme by the chemical industry to profit from the hygiene changes people went through in the early 20th century.

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