Let’s fix the health care system

The “health care system” is easily fixable.

1. Stop the insane practice of trying to buy risk indemnities against the results of our own irresponsible behaviors. Health insurance encourages irresponsible behavior.

2.  Local government provides emergency services and community education and fitness centers.

3. Hire Chiropractic Physicians as gate keepers to the health care system. Chiropractors are uniquely licensed to provide portal of entry exam and diagnostic services, but cannot prescribe drugs so are not susceptible to the pharmaceutical industry. This has already been tried to a savings of more than 50% in overall health care expenditure for Illinois Blue Cross and Blue Shield between the years of 2001 and 2006.

One thought on “Let’s fix the health care system

  1. got to tell you..I have my hubby’s insurance..TRICARE PRIME…I went in today becuz I injured my bk again..lifted a little bit heavey box..had that problem when u treated me..well, she refused to do an MRI..actually I just wanted an xray..to see if my disks were out there again..I have numbness under my foot..that happened after I saw…you..you were adjusting my spine and pressed in to someplace bk there and when I got into my car and sat down ..my feet both of them at the ball of the foot became numb…well, that means to me pinched nerve..no one is interested..we were moving so I couldnt come bk to see you..I had mri’s way bk and they saw where my disks were out there becuz of my lifting a water cooler bottle full bk then..well, this dr said..it costs 3000 for an MRI and unless i get a steroid shot in my spine..they wont do an MRI..well, Im allergic or sensitive to steroids..so that is out..and or want surgery…if this doesnt get better that might be an option..my point though is…TRICARE PRIME IS SIMMILAR TO OBAMACARE..SOCIALIZED MEDS…MILITARY INSURANCE…civilian drs hate TRICARE..they run from it and will not do necessary tests to see exactly what is wrong..instead they want to either give you pills or shoot you up with some steroids..so, I sit here on a heating pad which actually makes it feel better…and..I take NSAIDs..how bad is that..however, i take it with food and small amounts..it does work on the inflamation…I had started a walkign regime..because of high cholesterol..my same dr was told by me I cant take statin drugs becuase of muscle problems…so she said ..take TRICOR and prescribed it…well, 1 only one pill caused me so much pain it weakened my muscles..so bad..that when I lifted a box..that is what messed me up…weak muscles from medicine…they get you that way and then they dont treat it …saying it costs too much money…Im not that old to shove under the rug..Im still taking care of one son in college…so..if obama care..is like socialzed meds and is like TRICARE…then people need to run as fast as they can….i need a good back dr…instead I going to see a GYN DR.. to see if my bladder fell again..it took 5 yrs after my 1st injury for anyone to take notice that this was the case..I had a bladder suspension..the dr wasnt all that and caused an infection..and didnt treat it properly…I have problems now as a result..but athat time drs actually did something..she did tack up my bladder ..and released a bowel from my abdominal wall..adhesions…now they wont do tests on anyone to see what is wrong ..they would rather take a chance and do anything ..give a pill ..the treatment they are going to do without looking can cause more damage…wow..what is that…theydont realize ..LAW SUIT IS A REAL WORD…

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