July 12 is the 100 year anniversary of the 16th amendment, that’s long enough

As an American, I am so proud of you for your role in organizing, leading, and
focusing other Americans on the all-too-real problems we, as a nation, face.

Tomorrow, July 12th, is the 100th anniversary of the Congressional resolution that
proposed the Income Tax (16th) Amendment.

A year later, the world's bankers met on Jekyll Island, Georgia to plan the Federal
Reserve Bank.

 It took three more years before an out-going Secretary of State proclaimed, some
say illegally, that the Income Tax Amendment had been ratified by the States.

 Within months, the Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act and abdicated its power
to coin money.

 The Income Tax Amendment and the Federal Reserve Act are closely intertwined and,
to this day, serve powerful interests to strangle the liberty of the people.

 With so much renewed interest in the Constitution and the basic unalienable rights
of the people, we believe that the time is right to end this scourge that has
increasingly suppressed our liberties for nearly one hundred years.

 Repeal Income Tax is executing a four-year plan to repeal the income tax. It is our
only issue, but it touches on so many other issues -- Cap and Trade, Health Care,
Bailouts, Stimulus, all depend on the ability of Congress to manipulate the people
through the income tax.

 I ask you not only to help us spread awareness of these historical facts, but of
our movement -- the July 12th Movement -- to repeal the income tax.

 Our goal is not a theory. It's not even a new idea. The people forced the repeal of
Prohibition when they got angry enough. We are following that same path.

 Perhaps nowhere else is our loss of liberty more profound than in the moral
authority of our churches and synagogues which operate under the tyranny of the
Internal Revenue Code. The decline of religious freedoms in the public square
tracks closely with the rise of the power of the Internal Revenue Service to
interfere with the traditional activism that sprang from America's churches. The
traditional freedom from taxation that churches enjoyed since our founding has been
replaced with a privilege that is only granted in exchange for their silence.

 So, tomorrow, and on every day of worship from now until the Income Tax is
repealed, we ask that you make a bold and poignant statement.

 Encourage your religious leaders to observe one minute of silent prayer or
reflection during regular religious services to underscore the loss of religious
freedom and our unalienable rights. As the movement grows, the silence will surely
become deafening.

 Please encourage all your fellow activists, family, and friends to join us in this
crusade and sign the Declaration to Repeal the Income Tax.


 Why a Declaration and not a Petition? Why didn't our Founders sign a Petition to
King George? Because the people are not the servants of their government. Because
the power to govern lies with the people, not with government.

 It will only be through the power of numbers in every village and town and city
around the country that we will achieve this goal.

 God Bless America,

 John Hanson

 Repeal Income Tax
 July 12th Movement

 Twitter: http://twitter.com/RepealIncomeTax

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