Ron Paul 6/3/2009 “Congress Doesn’t Care About Cause Of Crisis/No End To Secret Prisons”


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  1. I dont know what to make of RON PAUL…he says some things I like…but somehow he isnt quite all there…we had a war…but…we were attacked first..we retaliated…however, i feel we should have retaliated to afghanistan..not…iraq…we have have a show of strength…other countries are in that frame of mind…old fashioned…if we are weak ..they will run all over us..and do whatever they want..including…nuclear things…and they have crazy leaders…I mean plum crazy ..who kill their own people..slaughter by the thousands…and WE ARE OUR BROTHERS KEEPERS…we have to protect and defend those who want to have a free world….we tried to stay out of ww II until we were drawn in…we waited a long time and many jews were killed..before we came in…we became heros…helping our fellow man….sometimes we cannot SIT ON THE BENCH..WE HAVE TO GET INVOLVED..BUT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS….

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