In support of my friend Bonnie Sue Cooper

If you did not know it there was a huge local scandal during the November
election.  It seems many Northland voters were issued ballots that had
the wrong names on them. This disenfranchisement caused the need for a
new election to be scheduled next Tuesday. If you live in western Clay
county, please make sure you stop by the polls to support this amazing
lady as she fights for transparency and government stewardship over our 

 A concerned citizen sent us the enclosed letter about a mailing sent out
by my opponent, which contained a number of false claims about my track
record. It's important that the correct information gets out - we can't let
his campaign of desperation and disinformation distract from the real issues
facing Clay County.

I hope you'll read it and share it with your friends.

Bonnie Sue

(Please note that we're sending e-mails from a new address - please add it
to your contacts list. If at any point you would like to stop receiving
regular campaign updates, reply to this message with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the
subject header.)


To: Mr Larry Larson

110 Northwest Barry Rd

Kansas City, MO 64155

CC: Bonnie Sue Cooper

RE: Political mailing

Mr Larson,

As I am sure you would never intentionally send out inaccurate information,
I wanted to correct a few errors in this mailing as I am sure you relied on
someone else’s recollection of the issues you wrote about.

I assure you that I am an expert on the City Council votes and you can rest
assured these corrections can be verified by the City Clerk of Kansas City,
Missouri and the Kansas City Star who investigated all Councilmember’s
travel on a regular basis and reported it.

*You wrote that Bonnie Sue traveled over 25 times to Mexico on tax dollars*-

Ms. Cooper did not have that many absences and I assure you that if you
check with the KC Star they will tell you that her Mexico trade efforts were
paid almost exclusively by corporate participants who traveled with her and
increased their trade business as a result of her contacts. The remainder
was when she signed Sister City agreements on behalf of the City via a Kay
Barnes appointment to represent the city in such matters.  She had no choice
but to go take care of those agreements.

*You wrote that Ms. Cooper voted for the Vivian and N. Oak project- False*

Ms. Cooper voted against the measure in Committee but was not present on the
day of the council vote due to them advancing it out of committee and voting
the next day.  Ms. Cooper made her opposition to the project known before
the vote.  The only Council Member who voted against the project in Council
was Becky Nace so both Bonnie Sue Cooper and Becky Nace voted against this

*You said Ms. Cooper helped create deficits that resulted in huge cuts to
the Police and Parks- False*

Ms. Cooper was known as the strongest advocate on the Council for the Police
Department. She also supported Park’s and often fought for special funding
for their amenities, especially in the Northland.  The current Council
slashed both budgets against strong opposition from the Mayor and the public
so regardless of what you believe caused the shortfall, TIF or the overall
economic downturn, it is false to say Ms. Cooper didn’t support these two
basic needs.

I intend to send a copy of this letter to Truth Watch because I feel you
have sent several mailings that were not true out to the public.

I hope you are interested in being factual in what you tell the public.  I
would hate to think these errors were intentional.

A concerned citizen

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