Divide and Confuse, Distract and Enrage, Assume Control

Most human beings are VERY manageable.  In the very early 20th century many amazing minds were at work.  Edison, Tesla, Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Freud, and many others were aggressively pushing the envelop of technology.

It is during this time a sophisticated map of the human mind was drawn out.   Experiments were designed to observe, analyze and then predict behavior patterns.  From this research the fields of advertising, marketing and psychology were born.

You can trace a story line from there to here very easily by applying then reapplying the following formula.

Step 1 Find a feature in humans that varies among individuals.  (race, sex, age, and language are all good)

Step 2 Set up and fund two social organizations, one for each side of the division.  Make sure you provide plenty of attractive handouts for the humans.  Make them as comfortable as possible.

Step 3 Let it simmer for a while so the humans can get good and dependent on “the way things are”

Step 4 Wait for something scary to happen, like a new virus, or “terrorist attack”.  Then fund a massive media outcry.  “Something must be done about this!!”  Timing is critical on this step, so make sure your, soon to be proposed, remedies are ready in advance.

Step 5 Cut funding for the social organizations.  This creates a sense of loss among the members of both sides of your original issue.  This sense of loss compounds the Fear being whipped up by your media campaign puts the average human in a defensive posture.  A fearful human sensing impending loss, goes into survival mode which drastically reduces rational thinking.

Step 6 Seed the mix with some propaganda about how the other side is benefiting from their loss.

Step 7 Offer more government regulation as the only solution.  Put forward your previously crafted legislation that asks the humans to trade more personal liberties for protection from the big scary world.

Step 8 Repeat as needed.

End game: Complete control of all things and activities on planet earth.  Central planning improves profits for the share holders.


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