Real ID, Food Safety bills, Animal ID [NAIS], and other issues

What we are finding with Real ID, Food Safety bills, Animal ID [NAIS], and other issues like this is that this is a multi-billion dollar market for these huge coorporations. They sell computer chips, hardware, software, this market is in the BILLIONS!!

Agencies love it, Millions and Billions to incorporate these regulations! The staff required is enormous! NAIS itself is far bigger than any other ag regulatory program ever! The money will pour in to these federal and state agencies!

Vets, they love it! Billions will be made by veterinarians who chip your livestock. Just have one horse chipped, what does it cost? Farm supply stores, ie; MFA, COOP, and on and on. They will sell the tags, hardware, and software, they love it!! Just a NAIS starter kit now sells for over $1,000 bucks! There are 60,000 beef farms in Missouri. NAIS is for 29 species!! Ag organizations will hold the data bases and charge for it, they will make a fortune from NAIS and possibly other food tracing programs. Most of them are chomping to get the money rolling in….

Insurance companies. [Farm Bureau helped to develop NAIS in years past] They love it! The liability issues will be enormous! Your animal is traced throughout it’s life and passes through several owners such as a beef calf. If it is in question later, who do you think attorneys will name in the lawsuit? Everyone that ever owned the animal. A good attorney told me most farmers will be broke before it ever makes it to court fighting it. Who will pay? You will, through higher taxes and higher food costs. These programs will destroy our Freedoms.

Bob Parker


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