New groups coming out of the woodwork!

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Dear fellow Americans… the recent coverage of the Tax Day Tea Parties by the MSM shows the HUGE problem we face as WE THE PEOPLE fight to SAVE OUR COUNTRY. All Americans (republican, democrat, independent, rich, poor, black & white… anyone and everyone in between) who showed up, from Sea to shining Sea in support & love of OUR country have been insulted, as the MSM FAILED to do its job once again.

WE THE PEOPLE MUST NEUTRALIZE THE MSM… until we do, they will continue with their PRO OBAMANATION AGENDA and attempt to discredit OUR very REAL concerns. This Friday on MAY DAY we do just that… AMERICANS show up & SURROUND ALL SRM (STATE RUN MEDIA) locations & sponsors ~ LOCALLY / NATIONWIDE and let those that DISTORT instead of REPORT the NEWS: T.V., newspapers, magazines know that WE are onto them. Bring signs for MSM AND their sponsors. Boycott those that advertise on ANTI-American programs. Start at Noon with teams at each location (sponsors also) and release prepared statement with facts of why we are here. Those from south of the border will be protesting for immigration reform on this day as well. Let us dominate the weekend news cycle… if MSM will not cover ~ Youtube & Fox WILL.

Many people have been asking since the Tea Parties, what do we do now? This MUST be our next phase for any other plans to be effective. MANY are waking up across the land. Glenn Beck on Fox had more viewers than ALL the rest combined… PLUS 700k on the day of the Tea Parties. Every step of the way we build support & educate, growing STRONGER & STRONGER… I do not know about you but from the coverage I saw it makes me want to stand that much taller & Scream that much louder. We MUST ACT as if our FUTURE depends on it… cause it does.

O.S.E. = Demand ANSWERS from THE ONE ~ EXPOSE the MEDIA ~ Wake the MASSES from their MEDIA INDUCED TRANCE. Operation Screamin Eagle formed because the media FAILED to do their job. One of our goals was to have AMERICANS across the country march on Main St… LOCALLY / NATIONWIDE, since MANY cannot make it to the DISTRICT of CRIMINALS. We started OTP2009 3rd week of Jan as a screen to get O.S.E.’s message out to the people. If the NBC issue is REAL for you ~ then join us in getting the truth out. Any other time in our history there would be 100 cameras 24/7 on SCOTUS until there was a ruling. OUR country has been hijacked and WE THE PEOPLE are the ONLY ones DEFENDING HER. There is only ONE way (peacefully) to keep THE ONE from DESTROYING our way of life.
Please Patriots… forward this to ALL and contact your LOCAL Tea Party Organizers… there is a network of people from across this LAND of the FREE ~ HOME of the BRAVE. Also post at any & all state groups of every site that loves this country the way you do. We MUST ALL come together and show Peace through STRENGTH. If you invested your time in attending your LOCAL Tea Party, I urge you to continue the fight (and I KNOW ~ YOU ARE MAD AS HELL). We DO Surround THEM.

Phil 4:13
Screamin Eagle


May 1st – “MAY DAY” ~ surround the MSM & SPONSORS ~ very little planning… make signs and SHOW UP ~ BOYCOTT SPONSORS ~ release statement from WE THE PEOPLE.

May 16th – ARMED FORCES DAY ~ Show up & support them like NEVER before… you KNOW the left will not be there. RECRUIT and INVITE to LOCAL RALLYS after A.F.D. festivities. (LOCAL Tea Party Organizers: please start planning for first NON-workday rally).

May 25th – MEMORIAL DAY ~ SHOW UP & SUPPORT like NEVER before ~ recruit.

May 30th – “I’ll show you mine…” Party

June 14th – FLAG DAY ~ SHOW UP & SUPPORT like NEVER before ~ recruit.

4th of July – Some say go to DISTRICT of CRIMINALS ~ SINCE THEY DO NOT represent US… maybe meet in middle of the country ~ centrally located for all???
LOCAL TEA PARTY ORGANIZERS ~ please contact us as you already have a network of followers LOCALLY / NATIONWIDE.


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