The Hardest Part of Parenting and Governing in a Free Society

I’m sure anyone who has raised chilren will agree with me when I say, the hardest part of all, is backing off and letting them be responsible for themselves.  Sometimes I catch myself cleaning up after the kids because it really is easier to just do it myself than discussing the mess, and who should be cleaning it up,  with them for 10 minutes.

With the best intentions, when we coddle our children we are interfering with their ability to achieve self reliance.  Self reliance cannot be educated into them.  It is only achieved through a trial – error- change – trail – succeed behavior model.  The internal feed back of this model creates a problem solving, enthusiastic, and productive person.

This is taken away by our good intentions, and we end up with the guilt of introducing a generation of spoiled, irresponsible brats into our society, god save us.

The same can be said for a government that is too coddling to its inhabitants.  When government (mom and dad) are always there to save us, we can never learn to be self reliant.   You cannot be FREE until you live without nets. Nets lead to risky behavior, leads to dependency, leads to slavery.

So, maybe some people don’t want to be free.  I understand.  Americans live the good life.  Better the guilded cage than the wilderness!  There is always food in the grocery store.  Who cares where it comes from!  A couple of cars in the drive, convenient stores on every corner.  As good as it gets, right?  Ever heard me say, everything happens in cycles?  This high cannot last.  A couple of generations of the good life and the society whithers.

Government dependency programs harvest votes for the ego maniac leaders to continue the pilliaging of a once free people.


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