Click my heels three times

Someone please make it stop! Everyday is filled with new government programs to save us! None of which can possibly help. More and more people are waking up to the fact that government by its very nature cannot produce anything. The act of producing something means turning a low value resource into a higher value product useful to society. If the actions taken on a resource cost society the same or more than the value they create for societies future use, then this is consumption. The opposite of production. All government programs are financed through taxation of the society they serve. This takes resources away from the people who produced them reducing their ability to produce marketable products and wealth. All government programs require layers of oversight which increases costs BEFORE final product is put into society. A government program always takes from the producers to give to consumers with extra costs added to the middle. This process decreases net wealth of the society while creating a dependency on the government or.. A government takes from one to give to another enslaving them both in the process. Comments???


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