Wondering where to get Real food? Here is a very limited opportunity

If you live anywhere in the Northland and are interested in access to fresh, local, amazing food for your family, then this LIMITED membership offering is exactly what you are looking for.  If the economy continues to sink, food becomes much more important.  Join me and my family as we secure access t o a trustworthy food source.

follow this link to:


~Private Community– Hidden Hills Farms is a private membership association.  This means that every item produced on our farm is only for our members.  We do not ship our foods, sell it to stores or at farmer’s markets.  This allows our members to have a secure, dependable food source and it allows us, the farmers, to plan efficiently and limit waste.

~Food Diversity– With five meat varieties, raw dairy and four seasons of produce, Hidden Hills Farms offers a variety of whole foods all from one farm. 

~Year Round Availability– Hidden Hills Farms can offer farm fresh foods past the end of the traditional farmer’s market season.  By timing the calving of our dairy cows with the spring and fall grass seasons, using high tunnels for winter harvest of cools season crops, and stockpiling our pasture-raised meats we are able to provide our members these foods on a year round basis.

~Access– Hidden Hills Farms is less than 30 miles from downtown Kansas City and is open to its members daily.  The farm is not only a food source, but also a location for people to make a connection to the land and their food.  The community gardens, fishing ponds, pastures of grazing animals and the U-Pick Park all provide opportunities to be immersed in the farm experience.  Hidden Hills Farms will also be offering a variety of classes ranging from ‘Preserving and Preparing the Harvest’ to ‘Sustainable Farming and Foraging’ for an even greater food and farm connection.

~Animal Feed Programs– 100% grazing, 100% of the time.  With the exception of being in the barn during inclement weather, all of the animals at Hidden Hills Farms are always on pasture.  We do not ever feed grain to the ruminants, i.e. cows and sheep, on our farm.  This means that your beef, lamb and dairy products are truly 100% grass fed.  Poultry and pigs also live on pasture and are allowed to hunt, peck and wallow to their hearts content but they are omnivores and sometimes require supplemental feed and protein.  Instead of following the standard industry practice of supplementing with a corn and soy based feed we spent 2 years studying their natural diet and developing a feed that is based on greens, seeds, nuts and animal protein. This diet is free from CORN, SOY and WHEAT.

How Do I Join?
Print off the Membership Application and Agreement. Fill them out and mail them, along with your check to:

PO Box 1154
Smithville, MO 64089

Then, send us an email or give us a call to let us know that your check and paperwork are on their way—then we will add you to our membership list.

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