IQ and timing adjustments

I have been contemplating the Shao Lin trick of slowing time.  This is much easier than it sounds.  You see, modern sensors confirm our sensation of the passage of time is caused by the constant conscience comparison of the frequencies around us to the pulse width of our own brains.

If something is vibrating too fast, direct interaction would be like jumping on a moving train so it appears solid to us.  Conversely, we can not directly observe a flower blooming because its timing is too slow for our brain’s pulse width.

Understanding this lead me to the idea that measuring IQ is nothing more than getting a measurement of the speed of our brains.  If this calculation is true, then exercises to increase the clock speed of a person’s brain should show up as an increase in their IQ.  Of course, activities that slow the clock speed (i.e. television) should lower a person’s IQ.


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