One thought on “Please call your congressman and ask them to cosponsor HB1207

  1. whew…what have we done…we the people were lazy and didnt want to be bothered with monitering our own gov…us…we allowed others to rule over us…becuase we didnt want to be bothered to do that..then we give power..and that is what this is ..power…for people to get away with murder….

    we need a stronger checks and balances…who would have thought that people would be so dishonest in this day and age…actually that is exactly what has been happening over time..erosion of morality…morallity doenst just have to do with sex…its about honesty etc ..stead fastness ..a mans word…which isnt worth a nickle any more…sad…

    too many lies and it started eons ago but we have only come to esp realize it when bill clinton came into being..that is when i came on board…I saw first hand how people could over look their own morallity and elect a man who was the scum of the earth…evil to the core…

    barrack isnt that type..but I feel he is a pawn of the left putting their agenda across and using barrack because if anyone objected to what he wanted then they were its the left holding the race card and causing this to be a race issue….

    the majority of the people in t his country do not want any of what is going on…and i dont mean breaking contracts and making agi pay back bonuses….because if we start there…then how far will it contract will be worth anything…my how satan works his wiles through evil people…in sheeps clothing…well, i sure wish I could see you so you could crack my having problems with a hiatial hernia they just found…burning in the spinal area and then swelling under the left rib…they dont know what is causing that…what dummies…anyway looking for a good bone cracker haha…take care and keep em comin….down in TEXAS….YEHAW…yippy kiya…

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