“Commercial Me” operating as agent to “Natural Me”

Please read this carefully, and send it on to your accountant and tax attorney. I would really like to gather some opinions on this issue.

“In commercial law income generally refers to net-profit: what remains of revenue after expenses have been subtracted”

As the “Natural Me” I start each day with a gift from god of a body and 24 hours of time.
I get to exercise my free will and spend these 24 hours “in the persuit of Happiness” however I choose, right?

To me, each moment of time in my lifespan is VERY precious. After all, once spent you can never get it back.
If I spend my time studying, the knowledge I aquire is mine for as long as I can remember it, right?
If I spend my time training, the skills I aquire are mine for as long as I can maintain them, right?

I understand that because I was born in modern America a commercial entity [Social Security Number (SSN)] was created and assigned as manager of my commercial affairs, operating without my knowledge (until 2009) but assuming my authority. I will now begin to refer to this entity as “Commercial Me”.

“Commercial Me”‘ operates as an agent and representative for “Natural Me” during any and all commercial negotiations.

“Natural Me”‘s time on earth is priceless and totally uncalculable in material equivalence.

However, within a free market society a standard cost can be reached by finding the going price for similarly trained natural persons. In my case, a Chiropractor, similar to a lawyer, “Natural Me”‘s time trades for about $300.00 per hour.

So “Commercial Me” starts all negotiations with a cost of $300.00 per hour to hire out “Natural Me”.

“Commercial Me” governed under UCC laws must file an “income Tax” form where “income” is defined as gross revenue minus costs incurred.

So “Commercial Me”‘s income would only be that amount of revenue is excess of $300.00 per hour cost to hire the God given “natural time” controlled by “Natural Me”.

“Natural Me” is answerable only to God and cannot be compelled to answer to any person or group of persons (government) without due process of the law.

I look forward to all replies!!

Dr. Darrel Drumright

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