Steel building burns out in Beijing China, but does not collapse

This is FAR worse than the fire in World Trade Center Building 7, on 9-11.  Check out this incredible video!


3 thoughts on “Steel building burns out in Beijing China, but does not collapse

  1. The TVCC building was designed for uses in a specific industry, not as a trophy to megalomania.
    At 34 stories, TVCC had a lot less mass being pulled groundward by gravity than the 110 story WTC towers #1 & #2. The lower building would not have been subjected to as much lateral force from wind loads. The TVCC structural members also do not seem to have suffered from a lateral impact from something so substantial as a jet engine.
    Too bad the fireman died.

  2. WTC 7 was only 44 stories tall and was not struck by anything. It had a few small fires on the 8th floor, then suddenly collapsed into its own footprint at freefall speed.

  3. The WTC both failed in the top one-third or higher of their structure, and proceeded to collapse in a perfectly symmetrical means all the way down.

    Ask any demolitions expert, or just look it up. Buildings do not fail perfectly. If they did, just any old anyone could blow them up and make a clean breast of it.
    Also, jet fuel burns 1000 degrees COOLER than the heat required to melt structural steel. Oh my.

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