My friend was just diagnosed with cancer, how can I help?

Darrel,i just learned last week i have a lifetime friend that
definitely has breast cancer in Oklahoma..
she is preparing to go with radiation or chemo..
what is the cure you were talking about,i’d like
to talk her out of what she’s doing.
she’s had lympenode cancer yrs ago and went
the radiation route with it brought this

Sorry to hear of the beginning of your friends ordeal with the American Cancer Industry.

One question only.

How much of NOW are you willing to sacrifice for how many promised tomorrows?

If the NOW  investment is small and the promised tomorrows are many, go for it!

If the NOW investment of time, energy, family, money, and joy filled moments IS GREAT and the promised number of tomorrows  is not stated or small, then investigate other options.  While remembering to enjoy NOW which ever way you choose.

Simple as that.  Which ever way she decides, support her to the end.   I am sure you already understand, the last thing someone needs when confronting their mortality is judgment.

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