The lie at the center of it all

Ben Bernake stated today, ”

The United States’ economic system is critically dependent on the free-flow of credit, Bernanke said. It is like the economy’s oxygen. As it has been cut off, the economy has sunk deeper into recession, taking Americans’ jobs with it.

Washington policymakers, Bernanke said, “must therefore do what they can to communicate to their constituencies why financial stabilization is essential for economic recovery and is therefore in the broader public interest.”

This is the problem, not the solution.  Getting the credit flowing again is like giving the addict open access to free heroin to fix his suffering.  We are suffering from withdrawal from an addiction to a terrible situation where international banks have permission to create money out of thin air then loan it to us AT INTEREST!!  Why on earth would be want to save this system?

Please, please have the courage to stay the course.  Forget the bankers counterfeit  debt based system.  Let us forge a new better system based on real capital and hard currency.


One thought on “The lie at the center of it all

  1. Have you thought about adding an oxymoron contest to your site? The first contestant could be “credit stabilization”…
    You could supplement that with an endangered and mythical creatures watch, noting reported sightings of things like honest politicians, bailout dollars in the real economy, a return on taxes, etc.

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