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Globalism or Patriotic Sovereignty

Posted: 07 Jan 2009 10:22 AM CST

-By: Kevin Kobe

Please Make 2009 a year for personal change
Globalism or Patriotic Sovereignty?

It’s now 2009, a year that promises change on a grand scale, worldwide. As we enter this new year, it could be a time to reflect on mistakes past, instead, maybe we should look at possible mistakes to come. I know you are probably a very busy person, but I hope you can take a short time out of the next year to become involved in being independent in your own life.

Many persons believe that many of our problems come from big business acting outside of the interests of the people. Others blame government, whether through failures in bureaucracy, flat out ignorance between the highest forms of government and the needs of the populous, or even designed greed and inability to care. Other people blame the citizens for sitting by and allowing control structures to seize power when the people could be taking care of each other and their selves.

No matter what you believe the root problems are, we can still turn the direction of these problems around, if we keep looking into the problems. Do you sometimes have thoughts that you think others will dismiss as “crazy?” Big banks received a large amount of taxpayer dollars, and the credit market did not improve. When this bill was passed, it was passed in under a week. The final version was written mere days before the final vote. Is it the banks or is it the politicians we should be mad at?

The intent of this paper is not meant to tell you what to be angry at, Instead, the hope is that you understand that some of the things around you, that you have grown to trust, may not be as honorable as you would hope, and hopefully you educate yourself on the structures of society around you, so that you can allow yourself the true freedom of educated choice that truth brings.

Are you aware that most of the television stations on American Cable and Satellite networks are owned by the same 5-6 corporate companies? Last summer you probably watched the Olympic Games spread across many channels owned by NBC Universal, a Subsidiary of General Electric. On New Year’s Eve, 19 channels (including MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon) were in danger of being shutdown by many cable networks due to contract problems with CBS Parent company Viacom.

Many of these companies receive their advertising from the same food companies, drug companies, and financial services companies. These same companies have news divisions that rely heavily on their access to politicians.

These same news divisions own many of the newspapers across the country. Do you trust that you’re being told the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, from the media, when it comes to the politicians and corporations, and the media needs their support just to exist?

There is a term for these “Elites” cooperating with each other. It is a term, thought of mostly as a conspiracy theory, yet used by many politicians. It’s called a New World Order. They operate on the basis that old forms of society and
diplomacy need to change to allow for the inclusion of everyone’s rights. It is irrelevant if you believe in the conspiracy, just ask yourself if you can feed yourself better than a CEO from Pepsi-Co or Monsanto Corporation.

Luckily, in the Kansas City area, we have many patriots who are knowledgeable about the structures around us, and are politically active enough to do something about it. You don’t have to be politically active to ask questions, about any issue that you feel is important.

The Patriot Movement, are people who have pledged their allegiance to the United States, and the constitution that forms the backbone of our nation.

A country is essentially three things: A land mass with borders, A constitution (or
form of governing within that land mass) and an economy (or social structure of providing for the population)

True patriotism believes in national sovereignty and rejecting anything that would be an abuse of those three things. The number one assault to these things is Globalism. Nobody is denying that we live in a more global society in
current times, and that we should strive for global peace, social justice, and economic prosperity worldwide.

What we argue, is that our constitution was written to form a more perfect Union, where All men are created equal, with unalienable rights. And that the constitution protects those rights, and we should respect that above all, because as long as we remain free, we can still be of help to our fellow people around the world. If we let ourselves believe that helping others is more important
than remaining free, we run the risk of becoming as oppressed and starving as those we are trying to help.


SOME STEPS you can do to educate yourself on being a sovereign person and ensuring that the USA remains a sovereign nation: (even if you can only do a small portion of this list, it is a great duty.)
● Read and re-read the constitution regularly, checking if newsworthy government action is constitutional.
● Teach your children about the Revolutionary War, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and how elections work.
● Take time to seek out some of these patriots and action groups in the area. You can find them on and other social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace.
● Seek out alternative media such as public radio, or Internet radio, or Internet documentaries. (“America: Freedom to Fascism,” “The High Cost of Low Prices,” “Hacking Democracy,”and “The World According to Monsanto” are four good examples, free on
● Take time to Google the following terms “Real ID, NAIS, Military Industrial Complex, End the Fed, Prison Industrial Complex, New World Order, False Left Right Paradigm, Verichip, Black Box Voting, Carbon Tax, NAU, Amero, SPP, Codex Elementarius .”
● Learn what Inflation, Fractional Reserve Banking, and Fiat Currency mean and how the three relate to each other, and how they relate to prices you pay for goods and services. (and further how government, and banks work together to dilute wealth in the country)
● Don’t completely dismiss ideas that you think are crazy, as they may contain a shred of knowledge you could agree with.
● Engage your neighbors, friends, and family in political discussions. Ask questions on issues that concern you to anyone you think might know more than you.
● Before you take ANY medication, especially Vaccines, please research them on the Internet.
● Try to understand the processes that your food is made prior to your purchase, including additives. Many of these are not specifically listed on the label. (like Aspartame, RBGH, and other GMO.)
● Buy from small shops and farms (farmers markets) whenever possible, to support your fellow citizen and not gigantic global corporations.
● Always understand that anything you can do to support yourself takes control of your life away from others.
● Try to work out alternatives to “The grid” (this includes Electricity, Water, Gas, etc.)
● Try to work out support alternatives (food, water, fuel, money)
● Remember campaign promises of your politicians, and hold them accountable for dangerous rhetoric or actions.
● Check Wikipedia when a country makes the news for a conflict to see if that country has Nuclear Weapons, is supported by the US and UK, or has UN Veto or Security Council seats.
● BECOME ACTIVE, whatever you learn, use your constitutional rights to speak out, protest, and petition about the problems you see in our world. (Watch for protests and petitions to join. Call and write to media and your representatives in government. Go to city council, county, or state legislature meetings.)
● Run for office. Don’t feel qualified? Do you feel like you’re more honest than most lawyers and politicians who run in most elections?
● Vote your principals, not a strategy. Make sure you vote in EVERY ELECTION, and that you educate yourself on the candidates as much as possible, and ALWAYS REMEMBER: The lesser evil is still evil. Any incremental tyranny
is still a progression of tyranny.
● Copy “free” DVDs, Fliers, and other important info to distribute.


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