Architects and Engineers review 9/11

Please have the courage to watch this well presented scientific evaluation of the evidence from 9/11 that will not be presented in the main stream media.


2 thoughts on “Architects and Engineers review 9/11

  1. I watched an entire live presentation of this documentary film. The creator of the film did an OUTSTANDING JOB(!!!), by presnting fact which proofs no doubt what so ever about the 9/11. I will encoarge everyone to invest your time to watch this film and have some serious thinking, if you do believe in an official “investigative” report.

  2. Wow! Over 600 “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” !!

    Who would you tend to believe? …
    …A government report compiled by ten listed authors at NIST and a few dozen contracted and employed staff,
    …or would you tend to believe over 600 independent architects and engineers who put their reputations on the line?

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