Don’t forget how the US government treats native peoples, you could be next

December 31, 2008

For over 6,000 years, Patriarchy has ruled this planet with their fear-based, corrupted, inhumane ways.  Now, in its death throes, as all patriarchs before, the global collapse of his greed-based economy approaches.

Pine Ridge 1897Pine Ridge

Noble Red Man (Matthew King) of the Great Lakotah Nation, once wrote:

“God’s Instructions:  White man came to this Country and forgot his original Instructions.  We Indians have never forgotten our Instructions.  God gave Instructions to every creature, according to His plan for the World.  He gave His Instructions to all things of Nature.  the pine tree and the birch tree, they still follow their Instructions and do their duty in God’s world.  The flowers, even the littlest flower, they bloom and they pass away accordingly to his instructions.  The birds, even the smallest bird, they live and they fly and they sing according to their Instructions.  Should human beings be any different?”

Legal scholar Felix Cohen wrote, “The American Indian is the miner’s canary of Liberty.”

Once again, I must remind you that every policy of America’s evil Empire, domestic and international, was bred, born and perfected in America’s concentration camps, ie. American Indian Reservations.  To continue to ignore and refuse to discuss these colonial realities at length and in depth means the American people are doomed to even worse deprivation of their rights than they are now suffering.  Your educational, health, justice, religious, economic and land policies will become far worse than you can imagine.

To continue in the sad dictatorship of DemoPublicans is the supreme strategy of dementia.  There has to be matriarchal thought and philosophy brought into the realities of life and this nation if the American people are to survive.

If you continue to ignore the original people of this land it will be to your own and the world’s peril.

The Patriarch teaches his three R’s: reading, riting and rithmetic, while Matriarchy teaches the three L’s; look, listen, learn.

If you look around the World today.  If you listen to what grandmother Earth is saying.  You will learn that we must change our ways. For those that do not learn from their history, are doomed to repeat it.  With out the return to Matriarchy, we are surely doomed. View the video

Doksa ake,
Russell Means
Chief Facilitator
Republic of Lakotah


One thought on “Don’t forget how the US government treats native peoples, you could be next

  1. The settling of America led to one of the most horrific examples of genocide ever. Will history repeat itself? It is time to stand up for ones beliefs and way of life before it is too late.

    Some of us are already being singled out by the Dept of Homeland Security as potential terrorists since we are veterans. Pretty scary stuff even when compared to combat situations.


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