Inspiration from California Freedom Force

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LOS ANGELES — On Saturday, December 6, 2008, the Republican Party of Los
Angeles County (RPLAC) met at the Ronald Reagan State Office Building in Los
Angeles to choose its leadership for the next two years. After a brief but
intensive parliamentary battle with the entrenched leadership, control was
wrested away by a newly formed coalition of those who were anxious to
re-dedicate and re-energize the Party along traditional Republican
principles and strategies. Ron Paul and Ed Griffin of Freedom Force
International have urged their supporters to become active in political
parties. That’s exactly what happened in Los Angeles, dramatically
demonstrating that it can be done.

Linda Boyd had been the Chairman of RPLAC for six years, and many felt it
was time for her to leave and for the Republican Party to get back to its
roots of: limited constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, sound
monetary policy, Second Amendment rights, strong national defense, a
non-interventionist foreign policy, personal freedom, and opposition to
illegal immigration. Actually, the former Chairman supported all of these
concepts, but , but the coalition felt the Party was languishing under the
old leadership. It was not fielding candidates for many of the hundreds of
political offices available, and it was not providing strong support for the
ones who did run. Of the 26 Assembly Districts, there are now only 13
district offices open. Republicans were losing the majority of elections.
They had not been getting enough money to be effective, and most of the
money that was raised did not go to the individual districts or candidates.
So, it was felt that it was time for a change.
Several Freedom Force members formed a coalition with followers of Ron Paul
and formed a plan of action. Some, who had supported other alternative
candidates for President, also joined the coalition. About 40 Angelenos took
out papers to run for offices on the Central Committee. A majority (29) of
these were elected in the June 3rd Primary. Fourteen more were write-in
candidates. This unprecedented grass-roots action was the result of
freedom-minded people deciding to quit complaining and quit following
political leaders they did not like and, instead, offering themselves as
leaders instead. That is the mission of Freedom Force.

At the RPLAC meeting on Dec. 6, (which is an election of County and District
Officers who decide how the party is run), a Temporary Chairman was elected
to conduct the business of the Organizational Meeting that day. Linda Boyd’s
choice for Temporary Chairman was defeated 39 – 54. The new Temporary
Chairman asked who wanted to be Chairmen of the Credentials, Nominating,
Resolutions and By-Laws Committees. As Freedom Force members were unknown to
him, he selected Chairmen he had known; however, when he asked who wanted to
be members of those two most important committees, he picked two volunteers
who were Freedom Force members.

The Chairman and seven members made up the Credentials Committee. When the
Chairman of the Credentials Cte. tried to have 8 of the write-in candidates
disqualified for one reason or another and was unsuccessful arguing against
their logic, he put the question to members of the Credentials Cte: Should
the write-in candidates be seated in order to vote? On a 4-3 vote (with the
newly-appointed Freedom Force member casting the deciding vote), the
write-in members were seated. What a difference a single person can make.

After the write-in candidates were seated, and opposition to her slate of
candidates became known, Linda Boyd and several of her slate withdrew from
their own nominations. Later, she and a number of her followers walked out
of the Organizational Meeting, but the meeting continued without them. The
day was won by that small number of freedom activists in the coalition. The
slate of seven candidates picked by the coalition was elected in its
entirety to the Executive Board. One of those, because of his fairness,
knowledge, and integrity, was a carry-over from the previous Board. All the
others were new.

The new Executive Board has resolved to move quickly to re-build the
Republican Party based on the principles mentioned previously; and, through
candidate research and development, to find good men and women to run for
many offices who will carry the message of freedom, prosperity, and peace.
All candidates will be given support instead of favoring only “incumbent”
candidates who, in some instances, are members of the Council on Foreign

Many district offices will be opened, and the Republican Party will have a
presence in these areas, attracting volunteers and candidates. Voters of
different persuasion will now look to Party members for answers. The goal of
the new Executive Board is to network with other county Republican
organizations in California; and, from there, the rest of the country. This
is the mechanism by which Freedom Force Members and others with the same
commitment to freedom can provide political leadership.

Members of the new RPLAC Executive Board are:
Glen Forsch, Chairman
Lydia Gutierrez, First Vice Chairman
Robert W. Vaughn, Second Vice Chairman
Gary Aminoff, Treasurer
Roger Eshleman, Secretary
Gwen Patrick, Assistant Treasurer
Connie Ruffley, Assistant Secretary

One thought on “Inspiration from California Freedom Force

  1. WOOOOW!!!All right!!!…It reminds me our Jackson County Republican Caucus, were We, the People (Ron Paul supporters!!!) took over the caucus, by otnumbered the oppositon (John McBush supporters), as result of that the chairman left and others delegates, who dispised our 100% dominance followed him after. We reellected our new chairman, secretary, and parlamentarian( all of them were Ron Paul suporters!!!). We passed all 13 ( all 13 pro Ron Paul, pro- Freedom!!!) Ammendments to Republican party platform and cary over trough a Jackson County Republican party District Convetion, were we ellected a slate of Ron Paul supporters(!!!), who went to the Republican Purty national Convention. All these events happened earlier this year. This great VICTORY(!!!)reached Ron Paul himself and an articles about our victory was posted by alternative media on a web.
    … Ron Paul didn’t became our president (VERY BAD and uninformed people together with “sheaple” were a main couse for that…), but that small victory we had, was a very GOOD(!!!) example for somebody who has a cronic illness, such as: “appathy”, “complasency”, “don’t care”, “scare”, “main stream sheep”, “lifetime democrat”, “lifetime republican”, “demopublican”, “republicrap”, “liberal republican”, “conservative democrat”, “liberoconservative demopublicanorepublicraps”, “proud taxpayers”, “good consumers”, “complaining debitors”, “american globalists”, “socialists”, “communists”, e.t.c…
    …A agree with the comment above, were it says, that one vote makes a difference. It does make a difference! It works, if people understand this and believe, that they can make a difference, instead of just complain about.
    …It is time to make a real diference a real CHANGE(!!!), not a fonny “obama change”, which is a “business as usuall…”, whose (obama) ellection was VERY QUESTIONABLE(???).

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